Saturday, March 10, 2012

Disney Blog Roundup: 3/10/12

   I really hope everyone is having the best day ever.  If not, here's an idea!  Brew a big pot of coffee, sit around in your bath robe, and read some awesome Disney related blog posts.  :)  Nice.

   - Delightfully Disney heads over to Epcot favorite, Karamel Kuche for a yellow caramel cupcake!  Looks SOOOOOO good!

   - Over at Zannaland we find the first image of Johnny Depp as Tonto from the upcoming Disney film, The Lone Ranger.  I'm curious as to how this film will effect the parks, particularly Frontierland...

   - Will Gay brings us images of two old projects he worked on...a yeti door hanger and an ad for Crush n Gusher.  Awesome.

   - Yay!  They're back!  Go and look at the beautiful new This Happy Place Blog!!!!!!

   - Mouse Chow has an extensive, awesome review of the food from the Disney Fantasy christening!  Paddle pops in a it.

   - Sarah from Eating WDW continues my favorite of her series "Snacks From..." with Ramune!  from the Japan pavilion!  Delish.

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  1. Thanks for the link back! I appreciate it! Love the blog!