Monday, March 19, 2012

Disney at the Smithsonian

   Last month Adam and I went on a little jaunt to DC for the weekend.  In true ocd form, I was on a hunt for Disney related items that I can share with you!  We have already looked at the amazing portrait of Buckminster Fuller, and now we have a few more treats! Enjoy.

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   Dumbo from Disneyland...though not a 1955/56 model, cause the ears don't move.
 "Walt Disney's The Mickey Mouse Club debuted on television in 1955, featuring skits, newsreels,  music, and dance.  Lonnie Burr, one of the original Mouseketeers, wore this cap for a televised reunion in 1980."
 Simba mask, from Julie Taymor's The Lion King musical. 
 Sheet music from Pinoccio!

Fantasia on laser disc!


  1. I never even thought of the Smithsonian as a place for Disneyland stuff. Especially love the Dumbo vehicle!

  2. Ah! I can tell by your expression you were just as excited as I was to see Dumbo at the Smithsonian. ;) Did they still have the Kermit up? That was cause for conversation because it actually talked about Kermit's degree which is from the college I went to. Love this! Nice to find a little bit of Disney everywhere we go.

    1. I believe the Kermit is part of the Jim Henson exhibition that originated at the Smithsonian but has been travelling around for the past few years. It was just in NYC for several months.

  3. You missed the Man in Space prop from the Tomorrowland TV show over at the Air and Space Museum