Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Awesome Disney Obscureness: Moonspinners.

   On the outskirts our our Disney consciousness lays a world of really random and (usually) somewhat forgettable art.  Be it movies, theme park attractions, characters, books or any number of bad/random ideas...these are things that exist somewhere in our brains.  The topics that we discuss here in the theoretical Disney community are usually big ticket items.  Pirates of the Caribbean? Pixar? Huge theme park expansions? Food?  Sure...you guys got that covered, right? 
   Then, just beyond these "hot topics" is a realm of forgotten and overlooked obscure awesomeness.  I'm sure nobody is racing home to tell their friends about Flights of Wonder.  Still, we all know the importance of that attraction to the overall feel of Animal Kingdom.  It's these attractions (and books/movies/people etc...) that fill out the company to complete goodness.  Without them, our "world" would feel somewhat incomplete.  

   With all that said, here is a little nugget of Disney goodness...sure, its not a Sherman brothers song, but they can't all be, right?  From the 1964 Hayley Mills vehicle, The Moon Spinners:

   This is maybe Hayley's least popular Disney film.  I know that, for me, it is easily forgettable. (and I'm the biggest Hayley fan you'll ever meet.)  But there is something charming about the song, exotic location of the film, and a great performance by Pola Negri.  So, maybe if your not doing anything tonight, check it out.  :)


  1. I actually own a copy of "The Moon-Spinners"... It hangs out in the same place in my heart that loves "Summertime" with Katherine Hepburn. Perfect rainy Sunday afternoon flicks.

  2. WE are the family that runs home and tells people about Flights of Wonder.... we see it each time we go to WDW. Plus we are also the nerds that take pictures of the birds at the WDW resorts and parks!

  3. So yeah, I'll be watching The Moon-Spinners today...I'm overdue a viewing. Thanks for the reminder. POLA NEGRI. Madame Habib is so underrated.

    p.s. We're those people who love, love, love Figment. Cheesiest ride ever AND Eric Idle. It's one little spark, man.

    1. Thanks for the comments Lula! Yeah, Moonspinners has some crazy charm to it, right? It's hard to place....but its there.