Monday, February 13, 2012

A New Perspective.

   Since becoming a Disney über fan, about five years ago, I've dreaded the day where Disney World becomes stale. Twelve trips later and I'm starting to feel it. Not staleness per se, but the constant need for something more.
   As our trips become more resort heavy and less park centered the itch to experience attractions has waned. I do still feel the intrinsic/OCD need to spend time soaking up that wonderful "Disney atmosphere". I refer to this as filling my Disney reservoir, and the most effective way to fill it is by gaining a new perspective.
   On a recent trip I was able to snap a few photos around the world, from angles that I rarely would...adding a different more rounded appreciation of this nutty thing that I love.

   How do you fill up your "disney reservoir"?  Let us know via twitter!  @Disneyhipsters

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