Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Few Problems With World Showcase.

   World Showcase at Epcot is one of my favorite places to spend my time.  I spend a good portion of each vacation strolling around the lagoon, gorging on food (and usually beer), or even Princessing Around The World... So it bothers me to think that there are so many (silly) mistakes in Disney's own Mobile Magic App concerning World Showcase.   Here are a few that jump out at me...

Ok, so the information here is pretty accurate...but the Stave church is hardly the focus of the photograph.  Talk about confusing.

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Well, the picture is ok.  But the end of the description should read:  "You are not the first to pass this way, nor shall you be the last."  Sorry folks, but its in the little details.  If you're going to make a reference to the attraction audio, at least get it right.
 This is a picture of Tokyo Dining, or Teppen Edo, or whichever restaurant is upstairs.  Regardless, its not the gallery with Spirit Beasts.  We know that they aren't above using pictures of attraction signage (see above) so why this?   Again, quite confusing for new guests.
Apparently the museum in Morocco is not an attraction, regardless of how awesome it is.  Maybe if this was promoted properly people would go see it???


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We Have Been Among Its Many Passengers...

   This past weekend Adam and I took a short trip down to Washington DC, to imbibe in lots of art and food.  We spent a great deal of time searching out little Disney touches here and there, and were pleasantly surprised by all that we found.
   In the National Portrait Gallery we thought all hope had been lost.  Focusing on 20th century figures, hoping to find even ONE Disney connection, we were coming up dry.  Then I noticed this fella...

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Quickie: A Few Shots From Adventureland!

Here our a few shots from Adventureland. Don't forget to take a second, and 'make a memory'. Next time you're in the parks, smile, and think about everything going on around you. :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Animal Kingdom Artifact: Two Entryways.

   Both Jambo House and Kidani Village has small foyers with sliding doors.  The art work located in these foyers has become equal with any artwork in the resort...even more so, since you pass it a few times a day.  I particularly love the awesome painting at Jambo house. 

From Kidani Village's foyer...

From Jambo House's foyer...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Keep On Singin Gilly!

   One of the upsides of being a truly obsessive person, is finding hidden gems in the lexicon of American culture that I can obsess over 50 years after their hay day.  Such is the slow descent into being obsessed with Eddie Hodges.

   Sure, I've been mildly smitten for Eddie since my mother introduced me to Summer Magic while I was still in diapers.  He has always stayed that way in my head, as  Hayley Mills annoying, snarky, musically talented little brother, Gilly.   

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Hall of Inaccurate Presidents...

   Happy Presidents Day to all in the U.S.  Hope everyone enjoys their day off and gets to do something fun and Disney related.  Here is a video via Youtube that had me rolling around on the floor for the last few minutes.  I'm sure its old news, but its new to me.  Enjoy.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Disney Blog Roundup: 2/19/12

   Here at hipster headquarters, Adam and I are busy getting a few projects off the ground...both for the blog and for other things.  One thing is certain, there will be tons of fun stuff coming up in the next few months around here!  yay for productivity!  
   Here are a few of our favorite Disney related articles from the last week or so...

   - Sarah at Eating WDW might love them, but how do you feel about the Magic Kingdom Egg Rolls?

   - Perfect for Valentines day!  4parks1blog brings us the Top Ten Romantic Locations at Disney World!

   - Agh!  I want to go to Disneyland For Dapper Day!!!!  Thanks Meet The World for sharing these awesome photos with everyone!

   - A much anticipated sequel of Disneyland Resort Shapping Bags  brought to us via The Sacred Tree of the Aracuan Bird. 

   - Taking a break from the usual Snow White merch....A Snow White Sanctum brings us Look Mommy...Snow White Is A Man!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Animal Kingdom Artifact: Shield Chandeliers.

   So, you know by now that I'm mildly obsessed with Animal Kingdom Lodge. It's gotten to the point to where I've priced in my head how much it would cost to permanently move into one of the villas.  (keep dreaming Andrew...)  One of the aspects I've become obsessed with lately is the wonderful lighting fixtures....probably the last thing you might notice. 
   Here are the iconic "shield chandeliers" from the Jambo House lobby.  The first image is taken from the 5th floor walkway.  If you ever want a WONDERFUL, SPECTACULAR, INSPIRING view of the lodge, visit the 5th floor bridge in the evening. (perhaps while enjoying a safari amber?)

 view from the 5th floor.
view from the ground. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Grumpy Phineas and Ferb.

   One of the few legitimately funny shows on the Disney channel, for both children and adults, is Phineas and Ferb.  You may have noticed my Perry t-shirt in some of our photos.  This is one show that we actually sit down and watch, regardless of the fact that we don't have kids.  Here are a few pictures I drew last take on Phineas and Ferb. (maybe as teenagers?)

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What Happened to Quasimodo?

   It shocks me to find wonderful background and concept art come out of Disney, especially in a tepid animation period like the late 1990's.  Though I've grown to love some of the latter renaissance movies like Tarzan and Hurcules, (I like Hurcules a lot more than I ever thought possible) I have no built in appreciation for Hunchback of Notre Dame. 
   There is a great deal of terrific concept art for said hunchback, that I love on a very surface level.  The colors are muted, details abundant, and could potentially be the jumping off point for a wonderful (and timeless) story.  The animators had the opportunity to provide us with the most lavish telling of this story ever. But where is this movie?  The concept art truly was just that, a of many, I'm sure.  What we find on the screen is flat and lifeless despite the fact that they keep pushing topsy turvy in our faces. 
   Notable exceptions are some of the background art high above the city...even still, a watered down version of the original paintings. 

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Monday, February 13, 2012

A New Perspective.

   Since becoming a Disney ├╝ber fan, about five years ago, I've dreaded the day where Disney World becomes stale. Twelve trips later and I'm starting to feel it. Not staleness per se, but the constant need for something more.
   As our trips become more resort heavy and less park centered the itch to experience attractions has waned. I do still feel the intrinsic/OCD need to spend time soaking up that wonderful "Disney atmosphere". I refer to this as filling my Disney reservoir, and the most effective way to fill it is by gaining a new perspective.
   On a recent trip I was able to snap a few photos around the world, from angles that I rarely would...adding a different more rounded appreciation of this nutty thing that I love.

   How do you fill up your "disney reservoir"?  Let us know via twitter!  @Disneyhipsters

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Quickie: Training Marie.

   We still haven't been able to confirm or deny the fact that Marie is a "character in training."  The rumor being that cast members must train extensively as one of the less sought after characters.  Regardless, this Marie needs help.  The only trick she knew was putting her paws up... you know, like a kitten.  hmmm....

    Also, our internet is finally back, so we should have a better week around here.  :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Favorite Disney Tumblrs!

   So, we're in the middle of expanding the Disney Hipster internet presence somewhat.  In doing so, we are very happy to bring you Disney Hipster Tumblr!  This will be our dumping ground for silly and fun one off photographs...expect a lot of bad pictures of ourselves around the park.  I bet most of you didn't know I have a wicked double chin. (yes, skinny guys can have wicked double chins!)
   In honor of this momentous occasion, here are three of our favorite Disney Tumblr blogs!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Heck Yeah! Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom!

   A lot of questions have arisen in the last few weeks regarding the new Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom attraction at the Magic Kingdom park.  (attraction?  yes, attraction.) Will this game be obtrusive to other guests?  Will it take away from the themeing of each land?  Is it worth taking time out of my day? 
   Lucky for you, dear reader, we've had a chance to play this awesome (and not yet open) game.  SOTMK is a card game /  role playing game, led by the amazing and under utilized Merlin.  In true Disney Hipster fashion, we will leave the really well thought out review to people like Ricky....Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Test Review. (via Inside the Magic)  We will gladly express our opinions on the aesthetics of the game however... in a series of WINS and FAILS, both epic and plain.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Quickie: A few shots from World Showcase.


Haha.  Best night ever. I love going on Maelstrom several times in a get me in the mood for some school bread.  :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Disney Blog Roundup: 2/4/11

   We are back from another mini trip down south, and though I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm relaxed, I would say that I'm a little more calm than normal.  Can't wait to got to DISNEYLAND in May, before we go back to the world in October.  This upcoming week will hopefully be filled a few reviews...including Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.  :)

   - The Disney Brits bring us some information about the new Habit Heroes attraction in Innoventions.

   - Our girl Sarah over at Eating WDW reviewed Mangino's over at the Shades of Green resort.  and it was every bit as bad as we've heard.  :(

   - A wonderful look at Marc Davis  brought to us via WDW Facts! Enough awesome things can a=never be said about Marc.

   - There is something epic about this photo of Baloo and King Louis from Gorillas Don't Blog.  

   - I'm madly in love with this Alice in Wonderland Comic from 1951.  From the Vintage Alice in Wonderland Blog.  Someone find me this for Christmas. K?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One Mickey Mouse.

   We recently brought you guys some wonderful (maybe?) images from illustrator Richard Duerrstein, from the book IN/OUT.  Today we have more similar images from the same series.  This book is called One Mickey Mouse, and has an emphasis on counting.  Again, I think these are great books for little kids.  Unlike other bad art from the 1990's, I think these will appreciate with time.  Lets see. 

cover art.

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