Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Summer Magic Movie Poster.

   I'm quite sure I've mentioned my love of Hayley Mills once or twice.  This love transcends childhood as I spent the entire summer of 08 watching Summer Magic and listening to Hayley's first (and last) album. My love for Hayley will never wane.  Sigh.
   Being the good boy that he is, Adam went above and beyond this Christmas and got me an original movie poster from Summer Magic!  I especially love the terrific illustrations toward the bottom of the poster.  Enjoy.

That wonderful Hayley...

 Nancy and Gilly, being total bullies... 

more after the jump...

 This scene actually never happens...

Burl doing his thing...

The pink of perfection...

Who let this get through editing?

On the back of the poster.

   Did anyone else get any Disney swag for the holidays?  I'd love to hear about it!  Tweet at us: @disneyhipsters or email us: Disneyhipsters@gmail.com


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