Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Epcot Therapy.

   I'm having a very nostalgic morning, and missing Walt Disney World very much.  Maybe its the sick feeling in my stomach knowing that there are no more Betamouse episodes. :( 
   Regardless, when I get sad I look through our vast Disney vacation photo archives.  Here are a few that made me smile today.

   Being goofballs in Epcot makes me very happy inside.   It's funny how a park that I once considered quite lame is now the one that brings out the most sentimentality.  I listen to more Epcot background music than any other park.  Now I'm sad again. :(


  1. Don't be sad! You will be back shortly! And I agree about the EPCOT music. Hands down, it's the best Park audio out there. =) -Michelle

  2. Where is that awesome telescope thing? I don't think I've ever seen it...

  3. @ is near the American Adventure pavilion! Really cool to look at the people in Futureworld!