Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Speaking of Bodies...

   In the last 48 hours I've eaten enough to keep an entire village happy for years.  Cake and pie? Yes.  Giant Italian feast?  Sure.  Enough candy to kill a small horse?  Probably.   I just kept shoving it in.   Its around this time of year, just after Christmas, that Adam and I both start talking about eating better foods.  We've slowly fallen away from our mostly whole foods/nothing processed rule that we abide by most of the year and just gone with our gut. (pun intended)
   I just wish there was a pavilion in Epcot that could help me learn about how my body works, and ways to stay in shape!  Oh...wait a second.

  The Wonders of Life Pavilion opened at Epcot to great fanfare in 1989...the last big pavilion to open at Epcot.   It featured one major attraction, two big attractions and smaller exhibits.  It had both a shop and a restaurant as all good pavilions do.  It is now, well, closed.

   The above video is a charming little walk through the pavilion toward the end of its days.   The sad fact of the matter is that I've never experienced any of these attractions.  My first visit to Epcot was in 2007...and we probably wouldn't have gone even if it WAS open. 
   The longer I sit on the fact that this pavilion is basically closed for no reason, the more upset I get.  Epcot could really use the love.  Sure, there is NO capacity problem at the park...it can in fact seem quite empty at times.  But there is a general lack of attractions throughout the park.
   Over the next few weeks I'll be taking a closer look at this pavilion and the enclosed attractions and history.


  1. Also I have a WoL centric blog under the title WOLEVA if you're interested. :)

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