Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goofy About Health...

   The first stop on our tour of The Wonders Of Life pavilion is Goofy About Health.  Though classified justly as a small "distraction" type attraction, Goofy About Health was a charming little exhibit.  Situated within close walking distance to the massive Universe of Energy and World of Motion this little guy could easily get left out of the shuffle.
   Set up as an "come and go" style tent theater, the Goofy show was essentially seven big television screens playing clips from many Goofy short cartoons.  When spun together they loosely tell a story.
   Get this...Goofy is living an unhealthy lifestyle. Bad eating habits, not exercising, good Goofy!  He quickly learns, through the presentation of clips, how to lead a more healthy life.  Not the most challenging of stories.

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   Here are some examples of the Goofy shorts shown in this attraction...

   In addition the clips, the story was narrated loosely...which included a song called "Unhealthy Living Blues" performed by none other than Kal David...the voice of Sonny Eclipse.  See friends, it all comes full circle.
   If ANYONE has a copy of this song, PLEASE contact me.  :)


  1. I remember writing the article in the Unhealthy Living Blues song, as well as putting the lyrics on show. I can tell that Martin's Video Tributes to WOL has actually included that song to have a listen. I'll go have a burrow around for the copy of the song and we'll see how it'll go.

    Also, 5 years on after the loss of the beloved WOL pavilion. :'( Whenit had so much updatable potential.

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