Sunday, December 4, 2011

Disney Blog Roundup: 12/4/11

   We are busy here in beautiful north Jersey getting ready for our housewarming party next week.   Lots of cheese and wine and merriment to be had...and also stress.  Lots and lots of stress.  Enjoy these blog posts from the Disney community.  They helped me calm down a little bit.

   - Meet The World continue the most extensive photo tours we've ever seen with Tom Sawyer Island.

   - Some wonderful images of vintage Disney characters from christmas... via A Snow White Sanctum. 

   - Progress City USA looks at one of the more "interesting" aspects of early Epcot.... the creepy giant doll head characters that totally want to eat your children.  

   - Good ol' Main Street Gazette examines the awesome dinosaur murals from one of my favorite attractions!  Yay!

   - Can you imagine being in Disneyland on this day!?!?!  Oh god, the crowds!  via Gorillas Don't Blog. 

   - Matt at Studios Central investigates the awesome new addition to the Osbourne lights!

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