Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Animation Appreciation: The Night Before Christmas.

   In 1933 Walt Disney released The Night Before Christmas...a mere cog in the giant wheel of Silly Symphonies?  No, this short cartoon defines Christmas splendor for me, and many others.
   There are gags a plenty to keep us (and santa) laughing for the entire run.  The Christmas tree coming out of the bag and being open up like an umbrella, for instance, enters the lexicon of wonderful holiday images.

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 Another image that defines this cartoon...and the style of the time.  Wonderful.

 A little tongue in cheek company reference during the parade of toys.

 Santa makes a sour face when he plays a bum note.  His design is really remarkable.

Now enjoy the cartoon.

   I hadn't watched this short in years and years....but I'm really glad I did.  This is the type of cartoon that rises above the other Silly Symphonies, because it toys with our sense of wonder, and never takes itself too seriously...just as a christmas cartoon should.    
   Does anyone have the name of the man who sings in the opening?  


  1. I remember watching this at some point in my childhood. Thanks for the reminder my boys loved it!

  2. "Does anyone have the name of the man who sings in the opening?" I think it's Donald Novis http://tresorsdisney.blogspot.com

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