Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Animal Kingdom Artifact: Telephone Wire Baskets.

 These wonderful baskets are made out of telephone wire!  Crazy, right?  From far enough away they look like intricate bead work.  These are located above the pay phones in the Boma waiting area...get it?  Telephone wire baskets?  Above the telephones?  That is extensive themeing my friend.  Enjoy.

    It is a very busy time of year at the salon, and I'll be working more than normal, so the blog posts around here might be somewhat scarce until the new year.  Hope you can forgive me.  :)


  1. One of the souvenirs I picked up from my trip to Madagascar was a lemur made of plastic twine and a toilet scrub brush. It's amazing what people can make with the scraps of our consumerism!