Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weird Tomorrowland Terrace Art.

   Sometimes the choices made at Walt Disney World can really baffle us.  The conversion of Alien Encounter into the far less appealing Stiches Great Escape? More than  ten years of Under New Management?  AVATAR?!?!?!
   All of these decisions baffle me FAR LESS than the following three photographs taken in Tomorrowland.  Observe:

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   You can file these under:
      A) Hey, it was the 70's.
      B) Subtle irony.
      C)  Totally awesome thrift store find, that I would probably put up in my kitchen.

   Regardless of how you classify this strange artistic choice, they are kind of wonderful.  I think the only reason they have managed to stick around so long is the fact that they are pushed to the underused Tomorrowland Terrace area.  No way these would be around if they were in a higher traffic area.

   Nothing says "The Future" like pot stickers and geometric shapes.

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