Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tour of Adventureland.

   We have our differences of opinion when it comes to favorites.  I prefer the BROWNIE sundae at Storybook Treats, Adam prefers the COOKIE sundae.  I love Blizzard Beach, Adam loves Typhoon Lagoon.   That is not to say that I don't like cookie sundaes and Typhoon Lagoon...what am I crazy?!?!
   One thing that we have always agreed on? Adventureland is by far our favorite land in the Magic Kingdom.  Like no other land, it is fully immersive.  The trees are well settled, the buildings look ancient, and the music is...well...totally friggin awesome.  
   Here is a silly tour of Adventureland that I made several months ago, just for fun. 

   Before anyone asks the song is a remix of Mind Drips by Neon Indian.  I know its not the usual Disney Hipsters style...but I thought you would enjoy it all the same.  
   What is your favorite land at the Magic Kingdom?


  1. Nice...one of these days I am going to Film the tiki gods as they squirt right at the camera.

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