Thursday, November 24, 2011

Top Five Disney Turkeys!

   I cannot overstate how much we despise the idea of eating a turkey.  Neither one of us has eaten meat since we were 12...however in the horrible spirit of Thanksgiving, here are my top five Disney Turkeys.

   Number Five: Turkey Leg Shirt. 

     There is nothing more repulsive than walking around Disney World in the hot sun eating a turkey leg.  Yes, I know I just offended about half of our readers.  But really?  It's Disney World!  There are millions of other things to eat.  With that said, I think the above shirt is pretty funny, and I like the design. 

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   Number Four:  Mickey's the end.

   I get choked up at the end of most versions of A Christmas Carol...but especially Mickey's Christmas Carol.  When Scrooge wises up, and brings Mickey's family all the toys and food...I almost loose it. 

   Number Three: This Lucky Bastard. 

   This is one of the pardoned turkeys that got to live at Disneyland.  Lucky turkey. I'm mad jealous of you...I'm an adult human and I don't even get to live at Disneyland!

   Number Two: Guitar Playing Turkey From Splash Mountain. 

   Splash Mountain is filled with amazing and well designed critters.  My favorite (and I'm not saying this for the sake of this blog post) is the guitar playing turkey in the finale!  I know the picture is from Disneyland, but I couldn't find our WDW one....anybody have a picture?

   Number One: Johns Burnt Futuristic Turkey. 

   The last scene of Carousel of Progress gets a lot of flack.  Most people think its out dated and corny...which it really, really is.  But in being SO out dated and SO corny, I've come to really love it.  It still makes me chuckle when John burns the turkey. 

   Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I'm thankful to have Disney in my life.

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