Friday, November 25, 2011

I Want Miss Price To Be My Mother...

   In the pantheon of bad ass Disney ladies there are a few front runners.  Cruella De Ville, any Annette character,  any Hayley character,  Dorothy McGuire, and the highly over rated Mary Poppins. (this doesn't even touch on the princesses...)   But there is ONE lady, out of all Disney ladies that I would most like to be related to.  For the sake of this, lets say she is my mom or crazy aunt.   Eglantine Price.

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   It's never a boring day in the English country side...especially when mother is an apprentice witch.  Though her training keeps her busy, we still find time to go for a ride in her motorcycle and side car.  Yes, you heard me right...this totally awesome woman drives a motorcycle, and on top of that, is puffs YELLOW SMOKE.  Amazing.

   Rest assured, that your usual means of transportation will NOT be her amazing bike...but instead we will be taking our daily outing via bed.  Bed, take us to the isle of Naboomboo.

   Miss Price also has a wonderful aesthetic value.  Among other things we will be having stewed nettles and mung beans for dinner.  Just wonderful. 

   Lets not forget extracurricular activities!  The whole country needs saving from Nazis!  Lets do it Eglantine!

   All joking aside, Bedknobs and Broomsticks is one of my favorite Disney movies, due largely in part of Angela Lansburys ferocious and amazing performance.  Plus, she has a cat named Cosmic Creepers...because thats the name he came with.

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  1. When I was a kid I was obsessed with turning the knob on my bedpost and saying the magic words. I was continually disappointed in my bed's lack of flying ability.

    I had the Little Golden Book (still do in fact) but didn't see the movie until just a few years ago. Now my kid loves it, too.