Monday, November 14, 2011

A Few Random Songs On Mainstreet.

   Earlier this Summer we talked extensively about the music played on Mainstreet U.S.A.  There are songs from Oklahoma! and (my favorite) Summer Magic.  Today we are delving a little further in to Main Street music.
      Probably the most recognizable of main street music, The Wells Fargo Wagon  song from the 1962 movie musical The Music Man.   This one just screams main street (obviously) and I think the back ground music of the area would suffer without it.

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   Next we have Good Mornin, featured in both 1939's Babes in Arms and 1959's Singin In The Rain.  Both versions are equally wonderful for totally different reasons.

   If you are wondering "Hhmmm.  I've never heard Good Morning on Main Street!"  you my friend are NOT getting to the parks early enough.  The song is featured in the opening ceremony of the park every morning at nine. 

   I love Main Street USA.  I listen to the Main Street music loop almost every morning as I'm doing my housework.  Now go and have the best day ever.

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