Sunday, November 6, 2011

Disney Blog Roundup: 11/06/11

   It's been another fabulous week at Disney Hipster Headquarters....lots of fun blog posts in the works, and I'm working on a few new songs/projects also.  There is a pretty good chance I'm writing a song about Living With Land.   Here are some disney blog posts I enjoyed this week:

   -The Epcot Explorer's Guide catches Imagineering in a lie.   Very interesting indeed.   And while we are at it,  they also have a great theory on why Epcot's hours have been extended. 
   - I never get sick of reading about the Western River Expedition!  It's never too late to build it!  Via WDW Facts!

   - A terrific look at the penguins from Muppetvision 3D, brought to us by Main Street Gazette. 

   - Progress City U.S.A, one of my absolute favorite blogs brings us the wonderful Fashion Show At Lunch! Fashion Show At Lunch!

   - Imagineering Disney  has a great photo collection of DCA's Buena Vista Street model.

   -Our friends Moved By The Mouse continue their DATE NIGHT series with our favorite, Alice In Wonderland.

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