Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Coverland: The Second Star To The Right.

   I have a crazy soft spot for the 1953 animated classic, Peter Pan.  It is arguably my favorite, right up there with Alice, and Lady and the Tramp.  Though this film has far fewer songs than most, the songs it does have are very special.  Case in point, The Second Star To The Right.   This amazing song has entered the lexicon of "Disney theme songs" right up there with When You Wish Upon A Star.    
   Clearly this song is amazing, and here are a few wonderful/cool/nuts covers of it:

Doris Day, doing her thing.  I'd never heard this, and I kinda love it.

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Jonatha Brooke is wonderful, check out her music.  Not what you would expect from this "whatever" cover.

In Japanese...there seems to be a proper version in every major language.  Did they really used to do that?

This is a very charming medley of all the songs from the film. Whoever this is, just terrific.

   Do you have a favorite version that I forgot?  There seems to be an abundance of dance pop versions that I left off, for good reason.   This really is an amazing song, and I'm pretty shocked that there aren't more off beat covers of it.  :(

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