Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Contemporary (good stuff.)

   Alright....I'm an equal opportunity hater.  With that said, I do have a few nice things to say about The Contemporary Resort.  This can be summed up in a shorter, less ranty post.
   Number one most amazing thing about staying at The Contemporary?  The picture below is the view from our room.

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   We have Cinderella castle, Space Mountain, Astro Orbiter and the Main Street Train station.  The filter we use on our camera makes everything look much smaller.  In person the view is enough to make any Disney fan cry.
   One of the most charming things about our stay was the ability to watch the fireworks from our balcony, with the music playing via our television. (in our case, it was the WONDERFUL Hallowishes show!)

    While I'm on the topic of night time shows, I'd like to say: I'M TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH THE ELECTRICAL WATER PADGEANT!  This is the most charming, wonderfully simple, innocent show that Disney displays.  It's a shame that it isnt promoted more. ( we were the ONLY people on the Contemporary beach watching!)  If you have never taken the time to watch this silly show, please do yourself the favor. 
   Due to the freak snow storm in the North East we missed our California Grill reservation, so I can't give an opinion of that restaurant, though I'm sure we would love it.  We were extremely happy with the offerings at Contempo Cafe, including two unique vegetarian offerings.  Both the vegetable bake, and vegetable and bulgur salad were very tasty and filling options.  Nice to not have to eat ANOTHER grilled vegetable sandwich. 

   One redeeming quality of the vast Grand Canyon Concourse is Mary Blair's iconic mural.  There is nothing more pleasant than waking up to the famous five legged goat.   I could argue that the mural doesn't fit at this resort (like, at all.) and would be more at home over at Coronado Springs...but for the sake of staying positive, I'll save that for another post. 

   See?  I'm not a grumpy guss all the time.  I can find some good things even in the most off putting resorts.  Would we stay at this resort again?  Probably not.  But I could see myself visiting from time to time.  After a long day at the Magic Kingdom I could easily go here and watch the water padgeant, and grab some food at Contempo Cafe.   Oh! I didn't even mention how wonderful it is to walk to the Magic Kingdom!  How lovely.

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