Thursday, November 10, 2011

Boma: The Good, Bad, and Ugly.

   We have always wanted to eat at Boma.  It has been on the back of our mind since we started staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge several years ago.  There is something enticing about the open atmosphere of the restaurant, right below the main lobby of Jambo House and the Victoria Falls lounge.   We have also heard great things from several vegetarian friends gushing over the Why hadn't we eaten there up until this last recent trip? 

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   It is very hard to justify a buffet for two vegetarians.   For the $80 price tag we can eat everything we want at either Jiko or Sanaa...which are both toward the top of our WDW dining lists.  Plus the atmosphere is more subdued and you have a server.  I understand the gorgefest that buffets are supposed to be, and that having a server would kind of ruin that, and that the intrinsic nature of a buffet is very lively and loud.  So no points off for that, just a preference.

Adam checking out the goods. 

   I did enjoy the food at Boma.  The spinach-corn pudding was terrific, the hummus station was nice also.  The butternut squash soup was excellent.  Actually all the vegetable dishes were quite good....just a little salty, and not spicy enough.    I love salty food, it really takes a lot for me to say something is too salty, but I feel like in lieu of using spices they just added salt.  This to me implies the lesser quality of the restaurant compared to both Jiko and Sanaa...and even suggests a different attitude toward the people who choose to eat here over the other two.  People eating at a buffet will not appreciate the bold REAL flavors of Africa and India. Heres some salad.  

   The place really is pretty though, and the atmosphere is fun, and full of people.  I doubt anything will change in short order.   I feel like Disney is really dumbing the food down by under seasoning the food.  When something says curry to me, and has little curry flavor, I feel slighted.  What?  You don't think I can handle curry?  At the very least, HALF of the food should be authentic and the rest can be blah middle American starchy food.  Mind you that I saw WAY TOO MANY adults eating mac and cheese/ mashed potatoes / and chicken.   Why are you eating here?  You can get all those things at any counter service restaurant!   This just re-enforces what Disney thinks to begin with...American adults want boring garbage food. 

    Oh lord.  This wasn't supposed to be so negative.  Like I said at the beginning, I DID enjoy my meal.  The GOOD things were actually really terrific.  Plus, unlimited zebra domes are enough to make me cry from happiness.  If you haven't eaten at any of the restaurants at Animal Kingdom Lodge, I would highly suggest Sanaa or Jiko.  Once you've tried those places, maybe try Boma.  Just don't expect the same bold and delicate flavors.  You will leave stuffed though.


  1. I enjoyed Boma but I'm not vegetarian. I hate gorging myself so I can see how it wouldn't be cost effective for someone that doesn't eat meat. Definitely agree though that Disney dumbs down food WAY too much. I notice it everywhere. Morocco, Japan, China, Boma, etc. Unfortunately though? That IS what most Americans want. Mac & cheese, burgers, fries, blah, blah, blah. Horrible but true. :( I'm just so glad I'm not one of 'them'. :)

  2. Loved the was fair. Did you know when they opened, the Zebra Domes were the size of your fist! I am not vegetarian, but I am as close as it gets here. Love the hummus, soups, and salads. The curried butternut squash soup is my wife's favorite (which you likely know you can also get at the Mara) but their carrot-ginger soup is one of my favorites (along with coconut seafood stew). Heck, I don't even venture to the right side of the buffet anymore ;). I talked to the Sous Chef years ago and he told me it was a $14 million kitchen! We have taken so many people here over the years and it always infuriates us when they get pasta and chicken strips (and they are adults)

  3. This! While I'm not a vegetarian either, I always feel underwhelmed by the worthwhile offerings on buffets - like I can't get my "money's worth." Truth is, I just don't want to eat plate after plateful of any food, much less watered down versions meant to make guests feel daring.

    Even though it costs more, I feel I get a better value out of heading over for a $42 filet & mac at Jiko, even though it sounds plain and costs more than Boma. However, I'd never make that at home - much less with red wine reduction, so it feels like something special. Buffets, Boma included, just feel like some sort of weird eating competition that I'll always lose. I went there recently and almost my entire meal consisted of grapefruit & avocado salad. It was delicious, but I can mix that up at home. Boma does get serious credits for their soups though - delicious! I just don't want $40 soup.

    Plus, as far as interesting cuisine, I've found that Tusker house has better offerings for slightly less money. They've recently increased the character presence there, so the price may be comparable now.