Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby's First Beverly.

   Adam and I love Club Cool.  Stopping in for a refreshing (and free)sugary beverage is often one of the first things that we do on a Disney trip, just after Spaceship Earth. 
  Club Cool has a selection of eight different soft drinks from around the world, presented by Coca Cola.  Kinley and Krest are my favorites, while Adam prefers the watermelon one from China. 

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   All of these pale in notoriety compared to their bitter neighbor, Beverly.   This "soft drink" is essentially a VERY strong tonic...overloaded with quinine.   Quinine is the bitter chemical that gives tonic it's unique taste.  It used to be added to water to fight malaria in Africa. 

   Beverly has developed a unique following of freaks, who like to subject their victims to it's mouth puckering bitterness.  We are among that following. 

My first Beverly. 

   It has become popular to film a persons first Beverly.  Lord I love the internet.


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