Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Animal Kingdom Lodge: Sunset Overlook

   We recently took some time out of our marathon three day trip to visit our beloved Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner at Boma.  While there I insisted on taking "a few" photos for our Animal Kingdom Artifact series.
   Tucked in the back left hand corner of Jambo house is the Sunset Overlook. This overlook is a mysterious little room that neither of us had ever ventured into, as it feels kind of off limits.   Little did we know that it is actually open to guests...and totally worth the visit next time you're at the resort.

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   A small museum of sorts, it is absolutely FILLED with wonderful art and artifacts.  Most are behind glass, but the cases are gorgeous themselves.

   There are also wonderful wall lined with photographs by Martin and Osa Johnson in the 1920's and 1930's.   These photos really set the stage for the safari feel of the library.   I would, at the very least, read the wikipedia page about the Johnsons.  These people fully exemplify the resort.  :)

Martin and Osa. 

   In addition to all the great art in the Sunset Overlook, there are also super comfortable chairs and access to an outdoor balcony overlooking the savanna.  (um, hence the name.)

   During the day this special room is often used the programs and classes taught at the lodge.  Stop in for a while and learn from the cultural representatives from Africa, I'm sure that you will learn something interesting!
   Though we didn't linger here for too long, I could see myself relaxing here during a stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Maybe with a nice cocktail from Victoria Falls?


  1. Yes! One of the best things about staying at AKL is relaxing in the cozy spaces around Jambo House. we discovered the library because it's the spot where some of the children's programs are held. The window at the back is a great spot to escape the crowds. Another is the comfy chairs near the indoor fireplace. And it's great to sit in the rocking chairs near the outdoor fire pit. Those are the times when I truly feel like we're on vacation.

  2. Oh gosh where is this? I never found it! I absolutely adore the animal kingdom lodge, I dream of it at least once a week :-)

  3. @CurlyKale...the library is located in the main building at Jambo house, just next to the concierge desk! Pretty easy to find, and totally worth it!

  4. One of my favorite places at AKL. This is where I first learned of Martin & Osa Johnson. LOVE the vintage photos! It's like stepping back in time to a Tarzan movie.