Friday, November 18, 2011

Andrew's Top Five WDW Music Loops:

   People often wonder why we, as adults, become so obsessed with Disney World that we not only visit four times a year, but also write a stinkin blog about it.  I've said it before, and will likely say it again. It's not about attractions, its about atmosphere.  I love the feeling I get when I'm at Disney it in Future World at Epcot, or Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom.  (hell, I even love being on the bus at Disney World!)
   I think the undisputed king of setting the stage is back ground music, or BGM.  Without the amazing music seamlessly carrying us from one area to another, the parks could be rather creepy.  Imagine Adventureland with NO TIKI shiver with fear.  
   Here my friends are my (andrew's) Top Five Exterior Music Loops.  (adam promises to do his top five in short order.

   Number Five:  The Land Exterior Loop

   I include this loop despite of (or because of?) it being very, very dated.  The bad synths SCREAM early Epcot.  If there was one park that had BGM that thrived, it was early Epcot.

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Number Four: Adventureland.

   This music is Adventureland.  Adventureland is this music.

Number Three: Tomorrowland

   Probably the music brilliant of all BGM.  The Tomorrowland loop includes instrumental clips of current and past Tomorrowland songs like Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, Dream Flight, and The Best Time Of Your Life.  It also includes snippets from a few Toy Story songs as well...just wonderful.  (the above clip is NOT the full for it on youtube.)

Number Two: Innoventions

   I could listen to this music all day, everyday and be a happy man.  As a matter of fact, I insist on using the rest rooms at Innoventions JUST BECAUSE that is the clearest spot to here the music.   This. Is. Epcot.

Number One: Ellen's Energy Adventure.

   I have recently come to the realization that Ellen's Energy Adventure is one of my favorite attractions.  At first, I barely cared enough to visit the attraction.  Slowly it became an "every trip" attraction.  I even managed to squeeze it in this past, very short, trip!   You want to know why it's so special?  The music.   This is by far my favorite music in Disney World.

   Do you have a favorite exterior loop?  Let us know via twitter!  @disneyhipsters

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