Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Adam's Birthday.

   I'm sure most of you have surmised that I (Andrew) write the vast majority of this blog, with a few interjections from Mr. Adam.  He also takes a great number of the photos that we use. Anyway, I'd like to say a very happy birthday to my best friend and husband. Without Adam I would never have discovered my love for Disney...and I would have been a much more cynical/ sarcastic/ brooding jagweed. 
   Here are a few of his Disney related gifts this year...



  1. Happy Birthday Adam! Love the gift... in fact, I'm a bit jealous of it. :) Hope it's a great year for you!

  2. Happy birthday Adam and, uh, a very merry unbirthday Andrew! Can't wait to hear more deets about your trip in person! PS is that a Gran Fiesta Tour shirt? Bag? Whatsit? And is Joe Carioca making eyes at me? (OK, we already know that the answer to that last question is yes, I just like having affirmation.)

  3. Happy birthday, Adam!

    Wear the Three Caballeros shirt with pride!