Monday, October 24, 2011

Sonny Surprise...

   Trying to explain why we like Vinylmation and do not like pin trading is very difficult.  So much so, that I'm not even going attempt such a feat on a blog.  If you want to hear my opinion on pin trading, meet me for a drink and I'll let it rip.  (sorry, Moved By The Mouse!)
   But for some strange reason, I've started buying and trading Vinylmation.  I'm not a completionist by any fact there are very few Vinylmations that I actually want.  Most of them are poorly designed and pointless.  The ones I enjoy are mostly characters from movies or park references.

Lots and lots of bad design.
 more after the jump...

   I came home from work the other day and there was a package in the mail addressed to Adam.  My birthday is coming up, and I knew the package was probably for my birthday.  Long story short, Adam let me open it early. (like three weeks early...)

Much happier on the inside than I look in this picture...

   Wonder of wonders!  It was my best friend Sonny Eclipse!  Sonny is an elusive vinylmation in the parks, as most cast members don't even know who he is. I was happy to cheat the system and get him in the mail...

   Sonny looks very good on the bookshelf right next to John from Carousel of Progress. 

   You can see some Sonny Eclipse artwork I made a few months ago, in honor of my favorite alien.   I have my heart set on eventually finding a Pinnochio vinylmation on our short upcoming trip, but if past experiences have taught me anything, I probably won't.  :(

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  1. I cannot explain my love for trading and collecting small, decoratively painted pieces of metal besides that it makes me happy. If small, decoratively painted lumps of plastic do the same for you, I support you firmly! I look forward to our next NYC mouse meet-up!