Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Random Photopass Locations...

   Adam and I have been using Photopass for a few years now.  After looking back at hundreds of photos of one of us, or the other, we wanted some pictures of us TOGETHER.  So we started using photopass.
   The thing about photopass is that they are often times in the same boring spots in each park.  Yes, I love having my picture taken in front of Cinderella castle...but after the 20th time?  Not so much. 

cold and boring: December 2010. 
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   The last trip we took in September was a different story all together!  There were Photopass photographers EVERYWHERE! (especially in the Magic Kingdom!)  We're not sure if they were training new cast members, or if the crowd level was just lower than they expected.  Regardless, we loved the new additions.
  In front of the "mansion?" Love it.
 Swiss Family Treehouse?  Heck Yeah!  
   Sure, we have our problems with Photopass.  They absolutely cost WAY TOO MUCH.  But the fact of the matter remains that most visitors still need someone to take pictures and include the whole family...and are willing to pay a premium for the excellent photos taken.   If Disney continues to have photographers in unexpected places I'm sure they will see an increase in purchased photos!  I applaud them for the recent changes!
Not having to ask a stranger to take my picture?  Priceless.  
My dad's best pirate face. :) 


  1. Did you know you can also ask the photopass people to take a picture with your camera for NO EXTRA CHARGE - and no commitment to buy any of the pictures they took on their camera....

  2. Julia, Yes! We often do both! It's a good thing to know!