Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nervous About A Disney Trip?

   Someone, please, diagnose me.  For some strange, inexplicable reason, I'm nervous about this upcoming WDW trip.  I'm a Disneyworld pro.  I know every inch of all four parks, scoff at park maps, and can at the drop of a hat recite counter service menus.  So whats eating me up inside?  A few scenarios...

   Reason Number One: Short Notice.
      Half the fun of going to WDW is PLANNING your trip.  We usually know a good four months in advance of our trip.  We would slowly tick away at the calendar, make our ADRs as the day came up, and fine tune our trip down to the minute.

An example of our normal planning...
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      The fact of the matter is, I wasn't even sure if I was going on this trip until two weeks ago.  Yes, I was pretty sure I was going, but no real answer.   I've found myself scrambling to plan each day, and any new experience I want to have.  This leads me to...

   Reason Number Two: Short Trip.
      Since our first trip together in 2008, Adam and I have become a little indulgent.  Our first two trips were a mere four nights and five days.  We have slowly got to the point where we never take a trip shorter that NINE nights...with our record being eleven nights back in February of 2010.
      Because of the nature of this trip (Adam going on business) we are only staying from late Saturday night until Wednesday afternoon.  Three and a half days to fit all of Disneyworld.  Now that I think about it, this might be a major source of my anxiety.

Obligatory sad face picture, at the end of each trip. 

   Reason Number Three: New Things. 
       I like familiarity, and I'm a creature of habit.   This is the big reason that we always stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge, because I feel as comfortable there as I do in my own house.
      On this trip we are staying at The Contemporary Resort, where Adam's conference is located.  I am actually really excited to stay here, but I'm afraid I'll spend too much time getting used to the layout of the resort. (wait? where is the pool bar?)
     We will also be going to Mickey's Not So Scary  for the first time.  I've done my research, and I'm pretty sure I can utilize my time properly.  But something is making me a little nervous that I won't be able to see everything.  Odds are this will be the last Not So Scary for quite a while. 

Home is where Andy's hear is...obviously.

   Reason Number Four: Solo Touring. 
       I hope this doesn't come as a surprise to anyone reading...but Adam and I are best friends. (also married, but that's beside the point.)  I've never been in a Disney park by myself, nor Disney transportation.  Part of me falling in love with Disney has been the amazing time that I've got to spend there with my best friend. All the silly things we've done, all the goofy photos, even Adam's sarcastic commentary will be missed.  
       We have all day Sunday to spend in the parks...but Monday and Tuesday Adam will be stuck at the resort for most of the day.   This has me very upset. 

 You can't have fun like this alone :(
   I think that about does it.  Sorry for the longer than normal guys know I'm not much of a writer.  This was very helpful for me.  Sometimes organizing your thoughts can help come up with solutions.   With that said, if anyone has any advice for a very short WDW trip, please send them my way.  How in the world am I going to experience all the things I love about Disneyworld in three and a half days?!?!?!  I am actually freaking out.  :(


  1. I'm very jealous of your nine night stays btw. I myself have gone down a mere weekend and just spent a day and a half in the Magic Kingdom so I'm no stranger to trying to fit everything in in a short amount of time. When I worked there, I went to the parks alone all the time. It was fun to people watch or take pictures (I never went on rides in those times) but you'll find it can be relaxing. Plus, if you get lonely or bored, you can sync up with Steve and I. We have our own itinerary and we even joked the other day that we should get some cocaine so we'd have the energy to beat your record of 55 attractions in one day haha =) -Chelle

  2. Are you planning to try the solo touring Alien Green paint chip thing? I researched that when it looked like my best friend would have to bail on our trip. Luckily, she made it but it sounds like a cool option.

  3. I loved reading this post!

    I could relate to some of it. We've grown used to long Disney trips too; and it feels strange (and not so great) to go on much shorter ones.

    I know this post is written many years ago. I hope you ended up having a great time!