Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mini Doughnuts. Best Thing Ever.

   Adam and I only recently discovered the Disney waterparks.  After years of, "oh, maybe we'll go next time."  We finally went.  Then we went again. Then again.
   Its hard to imagine a Disney World trip without the waterparks now.  They are so charming and makes me wonder why they aren't MORE popular.   We each have our favorite park.  Adam likes Typhoon Lagoon...and I prefer Blizzard Beach.  Adam loves his Crush n' Gusher, and I can't live without Summit Plummet.  (best view in WDW, no kidding.)

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  One thing that BOTH parks have are mini doughnuts.  This is the most strange, delicious, adorable treat around.


   These weird little creatures are sold in "doughnut shacks"  located toward the front of each waterpark.  They come in both 6 and 12 counts....doused in crunchy sugar.  You can also get a side of chocolate, raspberry, or white chocolate dipping sauce.  We prefer the chocolate.  The raspberry sauce DOES taste exactly like the inside of a jelly filled that's good.  We haven't tried the white chocolate and never will. 

 Mini Doughnuts are the new Zebra Domes. 

   While we do love the doughnuts, there is very little else to eat at either park. So be warned.  It is especially hard for two vegetarians.   I guess we will have to start buying these guys by the dozen...

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