Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Little Donald Love.

   In the land of character stalking, you quickly become familiar with "The Regulars."  These are the characters that you can see in the same spot, virtually everyday, year after year.  I get very upset when I see Buzz Lightyear over by Astroblasters.  Can't there be a meet and greet with the green aliens?  Likewise, I get just as upset when I see Chip and Dale, in Futureworld.  For the love of pete!  Can we really not have a Figment walkaround?!?!  (keep in mind that I love Chip and Dale, like family)

   Why are we in Futureworld?  Not even in our space costumes!

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   There is an exception to the rule.  One Mr. Donald Duck, in his various guises, always makes me happy.  Donald, being one of the fab five is allowed to hang out where he wants, when he wants.  He is babysitting the parks.

 Notice my bad ass Maelstrom shirt...

   There is something very reassuring about seeing Donald every time you pass through Frontierland.  Kind of like a relative that keeps getting older and older, yet they still manage to get to Thanksgiving dinner.  You're not even sure how you guys are related anymore, but there they are just the same. 

 I heart senor Donald. I want his undersized poncho. 

   OK, now that all the love is spread around, why the heck aren't the other two caballeros not involved in the above photo?!?!  I know the costumes exist, and yet I've never met Panchito or my dream bird Jose.  Please Epcot, make this happen. 

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