Friday, October 14, 2011

In lieu of my reluctance...

   This might come as a shock to you, but I had to be dragged to Disney World the first time I went as an adult.  Adam and his sister had been going together for years, and now it was my turn.  I was entirely unenthusiastic about the whole thing...then I got there.  From the moment I first stepped onto Mainstreet, till the moment we left five days later, I smiled.
   As a sarcastic, ironic, artist/hipster/whatever 22 year old, getting me to smile was a big deal.  I can think of nothing that has made me smile as much as Walt Disney World, or the Disney company in general. (Unless you count the guy that introduced me to WDW....clearly)   The below picture was taken a few years after that fateful first trip...after spending 15 hours in the Magic Kingdom and visiting 55 attractions in ONE DAY...Adam and I rode the Astro Orbiter during Wishes.   This is the happiest I've ever been, you can see it on my face.

The happiest moment, of the happiest day of my life. 

   As a young man, I am often challenged as to why I love WDW.  The short, most accurate answer is:  It makes me a better and happier person.  When I'm there all sarcasm, irony, bad spirit goes out the window, and I act like a big kid.  


  1. I agree completely! It is a complete escape for me! Great post!

  2. Definitely agree completely! Someone asked me recently why I keep going and I kinda just looked at them dumbfounded. Like...isn't it obvious?! :) But I makes me happy, it makes me a kid again, I can forget about a few problems for a couple days, and it's my home away from home. :)

  3. I can't agree with this more. I get asked this question a lot by my coworkers - to the point I don't even share where I am going anymore. I definitely love how Disney makes me feel like a kid and happy all at the same time. Even if it just means tuning into park audio at work. It destresses for sure, too. :) You guys are the best! - Stelle

  4. Not only does WDW make me a happier person, it makes it possible to enjoy being a happier person without other peoples crap bringing me down because almost everyone there is also happy!