Saturday, October 29, 2011

Disney Blog Roundup: 10/29/11

  If all goes well...which it probably will not...Adam and I will be in  Disney World late tonight for our SUPER DUPER AWESOME BUT SHORT TRIP.   I'm excited to cram all of WDW into three days.  Also, Sunday we will be celebrating my birthday at the Magic Kingdom for Not So Scary...yay!  I've never been at Disney World on my

*flight canceled because of freak snowstorm.  New flight tomorrow at 2:00

   - If you're interested in Food & Wine, do yourself a favor and visit Eating WDW where homegirl is visiting ever booth with reckless abandon.

   - Can you imagine a parking lot like this in front of the Magic Kingdom?  Neither can I.  This is from my favorite, Gorillas Don't Blog. 

   - One of the best blog posts this all about vintage Disney shopping bags.    via The Sacred Tree of the Aracuan Bird. 

    - Before There Were Disney Hipsters...   haha!  Love it....from Imaginerding. 


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