Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Country Bear Tree...

   What happens when you are totally obsessed with something Disney related?  If a movie comes out, most people buy the DVD and watch it endlessly.  If you have a favorite attraction, you ride it until you know every nook, cranny, and line in the spiel.   If you have a favorite character...what?  Maybe a tattoo? 
   Child's play my friend.  My favorite attraction is The Country Bear Jamboree and I make Country Bear Trees.   Enjoy.

   Now I need a new art project. :(


  1. I think I like you guys just a little too much after watching that.....

  2. Please please make (and sell) a print of this ... OR better yet.. T SHIRTS!!!!!! I'll be your first customer...
    and while your at it.... I think your Tiki Gods should be on a shirt too!

  3. Ha! Julia...super flattered by that! I feel like there would be copyright issues :( Maybe I could work around that though...

  4. oh.... right.... didn't think about all that "real world stuff" in the midst of my excitement!