Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Liberty Tree Awesomeness.

   We have our favorite restaurants in Disney World, clearly.  We love food and though we come from a city dripping with amazing and diverse food,  we still love Disney food.  We tend to eat one sit down meal a day, usually an early dinner.
  We have our favorite spots (Jiko, Artists Point, Sanaa) that we eat at every trip.  This past trip we decided to break from our norm and make a few adrs at new places for us.   One such place was Liberty Tree Tavern at the Magic Kingdom.

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   We have always made excuses for not eating here.  There is only one real vegetarian option.  (we are both vegetarians)  Not to mention, we have always thought of sit downs in MK to be sort of blah.  Boy were we happy to be proven wrong!  Liberty Tree Tavern is wonderful!
   Mind you that this isn't a food blog....leave that to Eating WDW, and Disney Food Blog.   This is more of a Disney art and aesthetic blog.  So, while I'd like to review the food, I'm afraid I won't.    Here are some truly fantastic pieces of art found in the Liberty Tree Tavern.

   When people ask me why I go to Disney World three times a year, as an adult, my number one reason is always extensive theming.   These images are a terrific addition to the extensive theming of Liberty Tree Tavern.

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