Thursday, September 15, 2011

Animal Kingdom Artifacts: 01

   Hey. We are fresh from another lengthy stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  (AKL has just surpassed Old Key West as the resort I've stayed at the most!)  One of the things we love most about AKL, besides the extensive theming,  is the amazing artwork.   We have collected hundreds of photos of artwork from the lodge and will be featuring it here weekly.  Enjoy. 

   These two pieces are featured at the restrooms in the lobby of Jambo house.  I love the idea of having the male mask outside of the mens room, and female mask outside of the ladies room.  Another great addition to the canon of great Disney bathroom signage.


  1. Would you say that the quality of AKL makes up for its distance from the other parks (well, aside from AK)? My husband and I have stayed at WL for the past two visits and have really fallen in love with the place, especially its proximity and boat transportation to the MK. We have visited AKL for dinners at Boma and enjoyed roaming the grounds; it would totally be next on our list to try, but the distance is intimidating. Also, now that we've "discovered" WL, it is really hard to try something new! Persuade me!

  2. Haha! We are similar in that fact that we love Wilderness Lodge as well! We often travel out there for dinner at Artists Point. As far as convincing you to stay at should at least stay there once. The pools, savanna, fire pits, and activities will keep you plenty busy. I also prefer The Mara over the WL counter service. :)

  3. Oh lord... I just realized I didn't answer the main part if your question! We hardly notice the difference in time spent on the bus. Plus, it's really awesome to be so close to Animal Kingdom. Plus, part of being on vacation is "getting away" from everything.