Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wonderful Fantasyland Poster.

   Adam and I were hopping back and forth between yard sales and estate sales this weekend and finding very little to our liking. Then we stumbled upon this guy:

 Awesome poster, bad photo.

   A giant Fantasyland poster, well framed, and hanging in someones stairwell.  As in most estate sales everything was for sale....this mysteriously was not.   Though I'm not an expert on Disney attraction posters, I have always admired the sharp lines and the intrinsically kitschy nature of them.  

much better image of the same design.

   What I like most about this poster is the amount of people in it either pointing or raising their hands in celebration.  The shadowy figures in the blue teacup seem to be raising a glass honoring the young lady.   Oh, wait...are they pointing at Dumbo? 

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