Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sonny Eclipse Merchandise Idea....

   Hey Disney!  Listen Up!  I spent an hour this morning making this:

   A classy portrait of my favorite Tomorrowland
 resident, the incomparable Sonny Eclipse. 

   I would like to see some Sonny merchandise.  He has gained quite a cult following since his debut at Cosmic Rays. (1994?)  Sadly that's probably the only following he has.  Adam and I have often been the only two people paying attention to Sonny...while the other rooms at Cosmic Rays are quite busy.  
   The problem is that up until a few years ago, I didn't even know Sonny existed.  Neither did Adam...or any of our Disney friends for that matter.  So I am led to believe that the problem isn't Sonny's amazing show...but the TOTAL LACK of advertising and merchandise.  
   Yes.  I know that he has a new Vinylmation, which is awesome.  Can we have more please?  A shirt with the above image will do for now, so make that happen.  
Sonny Vinylmation.

Bright Little Star, my favorite of Sonny's songs. 

   We are leaving for Disney World in a few short days.  We have gotten to the point where we go at least three times a year, and the more we go, the more I love Sonny.  My favorite tradition is getting a brownie sundae from Mrs. Potts Cupboard during extra magic hour evenings...and walking over to catch Mr. Eclipses show.  Just perfect. 

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  1. I actually had zero idea who Sonny was until I started listening to park audio. In March I dropped in and saw him for the first time. So weird how there are all these hidden nooks after multiple visits! - S

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