Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oklahoma on Mainstreet.

   As I'm listening to Mouseworld Radio, I realize that some people might not recognize a lot of the instrumental songs played on Mainstreet.   The omnipresent background music (BGM) in the parks takes a front seat on Mainstreet, louder here than perhaps anywhere in the park.  A music loop of about an hour and twenty minutes plays continuously throughout the day.  A big chunk of that hour and twenty minutes is  taken by the musical Oklahoma!  
   The movie version of Oklahoma came out in 1955, that same year that Disneyland opened...and though released by another company, Walt was certainly a fan.   Do you recognize these songs from your strolls down Mainstreet? 

The Surrey Song

Kansas City

 Many a New Day

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  1. More brilliance. It's funny how people don't realize. I was in the Boardwalk Resort once and realized they were playing some Sondheim, Follies. It was pretty great. Glad to know that Disney apprciates some musical history.

    I am officially a stalker.

    - S