Monday, September 15, 2014

Five Charming Things That Still Exist In The Norway Pavilion

   Unless you've been living under a too have been shaken by the official announcement of the closure of one of my favorite attractions, Maelstrom.  Whether you love this attraction or not, its hard to not classify it as charming.  Everything from ascending toward Odin's eye, to the oddly shaped polar bear...this attraction is like the weird cousin at a family reunion.  When the time comes for Maelstrom's closure (in a few short weeks...) we will be in mourning.  But for the moment lets appreciate five random things in the Norway pavilion that we can still love. (for now, I guess...seeing that NOTHING IS SACRED.)

   This three faced king is located above an entrance to The Puffin's Roost store.  While I don't really know the significance of this handsome fella, aesthetically he's very pleasing.  Anyone know what he is?  

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hong Kong Disneyland Adventureland Statues

I'm so pleased to welcome back good friend of the blog, Q, as he continues his extensive tour of the overseas Disney Parks! Today he's looking at a great detail from Hong Kong's Adventureland...take it away Q!

   The meandering pathways through the true tropics of Hong Kong Disneyland’s Adventureland is not only full of stunning jungle overgrowth, the sounds of drums, gorgeous tikis, and some gorgeous relics from Adventures long ago, but hidden in plain sight are some quite amazing pieces of rock art.
      Located in a small area of Adventureland around a play space of traditional music instruments and drums for small (and big!) kids to play on, these statues are reminiscent of Animal Kingdom rock art.

   I had probably walked past these a number of times before I realized that these weren’t just rocks, but rock carvings and statues of animals! (I do have that common affliction known as "Boys Eyes" though, where we often can’t see things right in front of our faces).

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kill, Refurb, Marry: WDW Transportation

   I'm happy to take part in another round of Kill, Refurb, Marry as part of the wonderful network of blogs brought together by Mouse On The Mind, and This Happy Place!  Today we're tackling the topic of TRANSPORTATION AT DISNEY WORLD!

Kill: The Magic Kingdom Ferry...

Obviously I don't have any pictures of the ferry...or of the lagoon for that matter, 
but here is a random shot of Adam at the Poly OVERLOOKING the lagoon. Duh. 

   I understand that this is the most efficient way to get to the Magic Kingdom from the Ticket and Transportation Center, especially given the current state of the monorail,  I also think that the view is genuinely amazing.  However,  five years of commuting on the Staten Island Ferry has given me a horrible association with ferryboats. And guess what? The announcement of the Magic Kingdom ferry mentions the Staten Island Ferry by name, and that just sends shivers up my spine.  Sorry. I'm killing the ferry.

Refurb: The Monorail

   Is there anyone reading this who wouldn't have the monorail on their refurb list?  This thing is nearly as iconic as Cinderella Castle, but has been in horrible disrepair for several years.  It's a rare treat to take the monorail without it stalling or breaking down completely. Time for a new fleet Disney World!

Marry: My feet. 

The only reason I use this old photo, is because I know for a fact I was about 
to walk to the Studios through international gateway...

   I know this is sort of cheating, but there is no better way to get from certain points at Disney World than your own two feet. (in particular, MY see, I walk pretty fast.)  The walk from Hollywood Studios to Epcot is seriously one of the most pleasant walks you may ever take, and a fun way to break the monotony of busses/boats.  Perhaps the most charming walk of all is between the Contemporary and The Magic Kingdom, at dusk...and on your way to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Thank you feet, you're amazing.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Lets Walk From Main Street Towards Adventureland

   Located at the end and directly to the left of Main Street USA we find ourselves in Adventureland.  My favorite land by far, Adventureland by design promises mystery, exotica, and...well, plenty of adventure.  But before the adventure starts, we have to first traverse Main Street and the iconic Adventureland bridge.
   Theoretically a guest in the Magic Kingdom should never be fully aware of their crossing from one land to another. Sure, they notice it, but the slow addition and subtraction of elements smooths out the whole process.  The transition from Main Street to Adventureland is one of the most seamless in the park, all while setting you up for a specific style of adventure.

   Main Street USA is set at the turn of the century America, at the tail end of the Victorian era.  While the timeline of Adventureland is pretty ambiguous, there is a strong sense of British colonialism found throughout.  In this situation the Crystal Palace restaurant acts as the ultimate blurred line. In reality this style of building was much more likely to be found in Europe than in small town USA, though it wasn't unheard of certainty. The time period qualifies it in both lands.