Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Quickie: Old Poly Photos

   Today the walls come down in Disney's Polynesian Village revealing the new lobby layout.  Its clean, its vast, its...well...not really the same at all.  There are details that are indeed very cool, but I doubt the feel is the same at all. I will withhold any real commentary until I see it in person.   Meanwhile, enjoy some random pictures from The Poly of yore.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Restroom Signs On Discovery Island

   There are a few restroom opportunities on Discovery Island at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Since this land acts as the hub of this enormous park these facilities can often be pretty crowded. However, there is a set going towards Dinoland USA that is never all that over run, and these are my preferred spot.
   The bathrooms are themed much like the rest of Discovery Island.  Bright whimsical animal carvings adorn every possible surface...including the restrooms and their signs.

   This spot is super unassuming, which is probably why it isn't very busy.  Plus the inside is relatively big.  Regardless of popularity the level of detail in the artwork is not overlooked.  I especially love these deer (antelope?) above the pay phone.

   The actual signage does differ somewhat from the cravings found in the area, and are much more two dimensional.  I'm sure this is for clarity reasons...but I wish they were a little bit more consistent. These look like they should be at a preschool.

Monday, December 15, 2014

"Gourmet" Flavored Popcorn At Epcot

    There are a few things that make Disney social media blow up.  Park expansion announcements, attraction closures, drunken fights between bloggers...all the usual suspects.  However, new horrible/amazing theme park food reigns supreme.  And this gourmet flavored popcorn at Epcot was, for a moment, the Kim Kardashian's ass of Disney social media.

   This unassuming kiosk near the Imagination pavilion at Epcot debuted these flavored popcorns late this past Summer.  By mid morning of its debut accusations were flying wildly.  Everything from BEST SNACK EVER! NEW CULT FAVORITE! to THIS IS WHATS WRONG WITH THE DISNEY COMPANY! AGH! WHY CANT WE HAVE HORIZONS BACK!  
   I'm telling you, people are crazy when it comes to theme park snack options. I knew I needed to try these asap.  And in October thats exactly what I did.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

High Octane Refreshments At Disney's Hollywood Studios

   Amidst the Year Of Learning To Appreciate Hollywood Studios I decided that the best way to accomplish our goal (appreciating the any capacity.) I needed some booze.  DHS has never been a park I drink at.  To be honest, we're usually out of this park by 11:30 at the latest.  Yes, we do visit the Tune In Lounge at least once per trip, but that visit is strictly to appease Adam's milkshake addiction.  
    So, this past October I made a point of getting legit buzzed within the confines of my least favorite park, in an effort to widen my love of this vaguely themed park.  There are actually plenty of places to get a drink in the studios, but few actual bars.  Even the lovely Brown Derby with its fabulous drinks doesn't have a proper bar.   Among the few options is High Octane Refreshments. 

   This little hole in the wall bar is directly next to the crowd eating Studio Catering Company.  The theming is non existent, but does tie in with the scheme of the surrounding buildings, and doesn't stand out at all.  There is only a minuscule amount of high top stools if you actually want to cozy up to the bar, but there is plenty of tables in the area.  But honestly this isn't the kind of bar you want to spend significant time at.