Monday, July 18, 2016

Disneyland Tiki Lanai Photos...

   Yesterday was Disneyland's 61st birthday. As I was busy cutting hair all day, and was in fact NOT at Disneyland, all I could do was daydream.  Disneyland is my favorite theme park in the world (like, duh...obviously.) and Adventureland is my favorite land in that park. I know this is all pretty common knowledge, especially if you read this blog or listen to Disney Hipster Podcast.  And when pressed, I would say that the Enchanted Tiki Room lanai is my favorite spot in Adventureland.

   On our last trip to Disneyland, much to Adam's annoyance, I decided I needed my photo taken with each of the tikis that comprise the pre-show to the tiki room.  You see the little bit of lift in the corners of my mouth? Thats smiling. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Fantasyland Train Station Restroom Signs

   *Sorry that we have been so quiet lately, besides enjoying the summer in general, my family was staying with us for the last few weeks.  Instead of focusing on superfluous blog "work" I decided to enjoy their company. You understand. 

   In our effort to document all the restroom signs at Walt Disney World, we often forget the more boring signage.  For every awesome La Hacienda sign  there is one completely boring sign.  We have generally ignored the totally boring ones.  While scrolling threw old photos I happened to come across a set of totally meh signs.

   These are from the Fantasyland train station, in the back corner of Storybook Circus. In any "real world" situation these would be absolutely lovely.  But our restroom signage standard is very high while visiting Walt Disney World. 

   Regardless, I think the colors are lovely.  The brass details, and rivets lends the idea that SOMEONE cared at least a little bit. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Build Your Own Whispers Garden...

   There is a random corner of our beloved Harambe that was revealed upon the recent (ish) opening of Harambe Market.  The Whispers Garden is just a random adorable piece of theming that I'm obsessed with.  It doesn't serve any purpose other than to enrich the story and atmosphere of what is probably the most intricately themed land in any theme park.  And I love it.
   After our most recent trip to Walt Disney World I decided to make my own whispers garden.  Here, in pictures, is how it happened and the end result.  Enjoy.

First I needed a nice empty corner of my garden...I thought this spot was perfect.

I bought various shade loving plants, with interesting pots.  The "real" whispers 
garden at DAK has potted plants only...

To make my sign I used a random antique wooden box. 

Which I tore apart and stained...

Using a dremel tool I etched the words...

painted and sealed...

And assembled my little garden. 

   Just as a reference, that last picture is the actual sign from Animal Kingdom.  I think mine came out pretty good!!! And now I have a lovely little shade garden in which to contemplate my love of Walt Disney World. 

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Frozen Drinks At Peevy's Polar Pipeline...

   Just off of Hollywood Boulevard at Disney's Hollywood Studios is Peevy's Polar Pipeline.  This is a very small, pretty indiscrete beverage booth serving fun mix and match frozen beverages, for both kids AND adults.  Like I mentioned in our last blog post about cocktails at Animal Kingdom, this trip was brutally hot, so frozen drinks didn't sound all that bad.  So I figured it was time to FINALLY TRY PEEVY'S. 

   The "Peevy" of "Peevy's" is the airplane mechanic from the 1991 film The Rocketeer, played by the always charming Alan Arkin.  Since the film came out just as this park was finding its groove, and the themes matched perfectly, they promoted it here pretty extensively. (for the record, I LOVE The Rocketeer.)  What does Peevy has to do with boozy frozen drinks? I have no idea...but whatever. 

   Like I said, this is very small walk up booth.  Theming is restricted to a couple of random gas tanks and a very loose vaguely steam punk motif.  It really could be much more extensive, and since its so little I doubt it would cost all that much. Its not as if they're doing anything major at this park right now...
   You can find an assortment of snacks and beverages here, but the real reason to stop by Peevy's is the fun frozen drinks.  There are usually six bases to choose from: Coca-Cola, Blue Raspberry, Raspberry Lemonade, Lemonade, Wild Cherry, Strawberry.  HOWEVER, your options are not complete until you mix in a little booze.  Either Bacardi Silver Rum, Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey, or Three Olives Cherry Vodka will complete your order.  Fun, right? 

   I went with frozen Coca Cola and cherry vodka.  The taste was that of frozen cherry coke, which is obviously quite delicious, and definitely did the job on such a hot day.  However, my problem with frozen drinks is HOW LITTLE you actually get.  I mean, its mostly air when you think about it.  This is why 7-11 has ENOURMOUS Slurpee cups.  Were I to let this frozen goodness melt down to a liquid, I doubt it would be more than a few ounces.  At $10.99 I'm not entirely won over by Peevy's. 

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