Monday, September 29, 2014

Whats So Special About Pecos Bills?

   Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe is a quick service restaurant in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom. More commonly referred to as simple Pecos Bills, the restaurants food isn't anything special...but there is something about this eatery that strikes a chords with certain people.  Lets explore...

   Lacking the intimacy and subtle charm of the nearby (and often preferred) Columbia Harbor House, Pecos Bills serves a much needed purpose...capacity.  This place is designed for efficiency, usually at the cost of extensive theming.  Thats not to say the Pecos is totally devoid of charm, far from it actually. 
   The main entrance and ordering area is on the sparse side of theming, relying heavily on the "shit on shelves" mentality of imagineering found throughout Disney parks. (and, basically anyplace considered well themed.)   But the dark wooden beams,  muted colors, and southwest inspired tile work all ties into the theme well, and set the tone for the restaurant. 

   Found throughout the restaurant are black and white "portraits" of characters from the namesake Disney short featured in 1948's package film Melody Time.  Pecos Bill, Widowmaker, and Slue Foot Sue are all featured in these adorable portraits...even though they do seem a little out of place. Maybe have the same shots recreated by actual people and aged? Otherwise they're pretty adorable.

Friday, September 26, 2014

WDW Countdown Chain: 17-15

   With every passing day our October WDW trip gets a little bit closer! To celebrate I'm counting down 20 things that I'm looking forward to on this trip...some old and some new experiences have found their way onto the list.  Make sure you check out 20-18...

   17: Biergarten

   Number 17 comes from the standpoint of oldie but goody.  Epcot's Biergarten is a requirement of every Walt Disney World vacation. You may be wondering how two vegetarians can eat at Biergarten, but worry not! This buffet is filled with wonderful veggie options (in addition to copious meats...) and the atmosphere is the most charming in all of Disney World.  We like to visit for lunch, when the price is heavily reduced. And we always plan our reservation to coincide with the amazing house oompah band.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Walt Disney's Worlds Of Nature

   While sifting through a really blah estate sale in North Jersey a few weeks ago I stumbled on a really phenomenal old Disney nature book.  Normally I avoid rummaging through books in general, as we have way too many as it is, but this particular estate sale was actually organized by category, which is pretty rare.  In the children's book section I found a few interesting Disney publications, but this is the only one that I wasn't previously familiar with.

   The cover is straight out of a Wes Anderson film, and I'm basically obsessed with it.  I want to keep this on my coffee table forever.  The "pattern" on the cover is actually a small illustration of Snow White and her dwarves.  Was this a common thing with these ambiguously Disney  books?  The chartreuse couldn't be more perfect.

Monday, September 22, 2014

What Happened To Toontown Morning Madness at Disneyland?!?

   So, we're in the early stages of planning our Disneyland trip this coming May. (Disneyland Hotel is booked!!! Yay!!!) And part of that planning involves revisiting our last trip out west, and the thousands of photos that we took.  Scrolling through one of the albums I get to a group of photos involving Adam, myself, and a whole bunch of characters in extremely candid shots.  Turns out that I had completely forgotten about Toontown Morning Madness, a perk which allowed access to Toontown (and its residents) and hour before it opened to the public.
   But alas, this amazing simple perk was discontinued in 2013. Womp womp.  Anyway, at least I have all these photos as evidence that I got to experience it at least once in my life.

   After a short ceremony, guests were given badges indicating honorary citizenship of Mickey's Toon Town! I'm happy to say that we held on to our badges.  After this there was a general free for all, with queues popping up for more popular characters...mainly Mickey and Minnie.  While other characters roamed freely...something that STILL ACTUALLY HAPPENS at Disneyland.