Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lunch At Epcot's Nine Dragons

   We have a running list of restaurants at Walt Disney World that we have never been to.  Over the course over the last eight years that list has dwindled down to ABSOLUTELY LAST RESORT kind of places.  We have managed to avoid many restaurants strictly based on bad word of mouth from the Disney community.  This community however tends to be wrong about basically everything.
   Nine Dragons at the China pavilion at Epcot is one of these restaurants. It has garnered some of the fiercest most vocal opinions in the WDW hemisphere.  And, like most of those types of restaurants...we kind of really liked it.

   Whether you have eaten at Nine Dragons or not, you have seen it.  Nestled right on the promenade of World Showcase this place takes up some serious property in the China pavilion. It's enormous.  There are plenty of huge windows along the walkway as well, allowing passerby's a good glimpse inside. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Quickie: Sunset At The Magic Kingdom

   This is just a collection of photos documenting a very pretty low light situation in The Magic Kingdom...or better yet, a short walk.  Sometimes the soft Florida dusk inspires me to pull out the old iPhone and be rather annoying to those I'm with. Whatever.  I want this moment in the bank. 
   This particular evening was this past September.  The day was unbearably hot, so the sun going down was carrying a little more weight than usual, and held the promise of a lovely evening full of adventure.

   There is literally nothing prettier in the entire world than Big Thunder Mountain in the evening.  Something about the already muted tones of the area just works, and I am addicted to taking photos here, even if I already have a similar setup. 

    Equally pretty are the Rivers Of America.  There so many times where I'm stuck, transfixed by this waterway, just happy to be at Disney World.  The boardwalk along the river is my favorite place in Frontierland, and I insist on taking that route when venturing to Liberty Square.

   As we were ending our short walk from Big Thunder Mountain to wherever the hell we were going I specifically remember thinking how pretty Cinderella Castle was behind Philharmagic...so you KNOW I WAS DRUNK OFF OF THE SUNSET.  Yes, I'll admit that the castle can be pretty in certain situations...just not most. 

   I know this was a random silly post, but this group of photos from our last trip really caught my eye as I scrolled through my disastrous Magic Kingdom folder.   So YAY I found another use for this crazy melange!  Have a terrific weekend.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

A Visit To The New York World's Fair

   We spent this Saturday morning like we often do.  Hopping from one estate sale to the next, scouring the homes of North Jersey to supplement our real life Adventurers Clubhouse.  Among the things we purchased this week: A raccoon skull (yes, another one...),  a very heavy iron cauldron,  a vintage AM radio, a piece of poetry of ambiguous origin, and a vintage toy seal...to go with our already existing vintage toy eskimo.  HOWEVER my favorite buy this week was A Visit To The New York World's Fair. 

   As a Disney parks fan I'm sure that your know the history of the 1964 world's fair, and the influence that Walt Disney had on it.  Not to mention the huge impact these projects had on the parks and the future direction of the company.  Here is just a random quick link to catch up...but there is so much more to read elsewhere. 
   This charming children's book follows a set of twins as they explore the fair.  They take turns choosing which pavilion to visit.  

   Peter gets to pick first...and Peter is a boy, and boys love cars.  First stop?  The Ford Magic Skyway! This attraction is the hardest to picture, mainly because it didn't make it back to Disneyland in the same capacity as Carousel of Progress and Its A Small World did...although we find still find some dinosaurs from the attraction during the grand circle tour via the Disneyland Railroad. 
   Here is some video footage of that attraction in case you're interested...starts at 3:53

   The majority of this book takes place outside the real of Disney...but seeing that this is a children's book it wouldn't be complete without a trip around the world via It's A Small World.  This might be naive of me, but were the original vehicles really swan boats?  Someone please enlighten me. 

   There are many phenomenal illustrations in this book, covering a vast majority of the highlights of the fair.  However two images really struck my fancy.

   Such a shame that the author didn't think to cover any other Disney contributions! I would have especially loved to see the Tower of the Four Winds in this style, but heck, I'll take what I can get.  I'm happy to add this to our expanding children's library. 

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Beautiful Disney Watercolors By Alexander Roussel

   So, its not too often that we feature other artists on Disney Hipster Blog. We are intrinsically very pygmalion in that regard and are not ashamed of it.  However, when we see something we like, we will not deny it.  Thus is the case of Alexander Roussel, and his amazing Disney park themed water color series.
   Alex first caught our eye with a gorgeous portrait of yours truly, doing my famous "Disney Hipster Andrew" pose in front of Rolly Crump's leaky tikis...

   Not only was I super flattered by the homage, but also very intrigued.  I LOVED the stylization of this water color, and couldn't wait to see more!  Luckily, Alex is very prolific indeed and did not disappoint. 

   His love of Disney parks traverses all corners, but leans towards the nostalgic.  Everything from It's A Small World, and Carousel Of Progress to the Dapper Dans and Electrical Light Parade...if it gives you the feels Alex probably has it covered.