Friday, January 30, 2015

Disney Produced Superbowl Halftime Show From 2000

   You guys! The Superbowl is Sunday! Thats a footballs game! Where people play footballs! I'M SO ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT FOOTBALLS!  Anyway, sarcasm aside...the inevitable worst Sunday of the year has me thinking about the time Disney produced the halftime show based around their year 2000 millennium celebration.
   The show featured Christina Aguilera, Phil Collins, Enrique Iglesias, and Toni Braxton.  This line up is VERY year 2000.  Xtina is wearing a floor length leather can't make this stuff up.  They sing all the big Disney park theme songs of the time, We Go On, Tapestry Of Nations, Celebrate The Future Hand In Hand.  All with puppets and dancers.  Honestly, just watch it...its amazing.

   Did you see Toni Braxton's little shimmy at the end?!?! They don't make divas like that anymore.  This is honestly the greatest/worst thing that ever appeared on television. Disney seriously nailed it/screwed it up big time.  Delighting and horrifying millions of people.  During the footballs game I'll be watching this on repeat. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Marc Davis Jungle Cruise Elephants

   I'm in the middle of reading Marc Davis: Walt Disney's Renaissance Man which Adam bought me for Christmas.  The book is divided into chapters based on where/what Marc was working on at the time.  These chapters each have an appropriate author to the subject...Andreas Deja writing a chapter on Marc's Animal Studies for instance.  The chapter I was most looking forward to was authored by Marty Sklar. The subject? Imagineering....obviously.
   I know that anyone reading this blog is probably immensely familiar with Marc Davis's iconic concept art and illustrations during Disneyland's formative years.  These images transcend concept art and have become part of the landscape of Disney history, just as the attractions that they inspired have.
   Here are three amazing images from the development of Disneyland's Jungle Cruise...specifically dealing with elephants. Enjoy.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Final Thoughts On New Fantasyland: Food

   The other day we started thinking about our thoughts on New actually starting thinking about it. The largest expansion in Magic Kingdom history shouldn't really be taken lightly. We had given our thoughts on the outcome before, but those were kind of knee jerk reactions, especially when expressed via Disney Hipster Podcast. (no, that show has never been known for holding back...) We thought that this expansion deserved a little more review, so here we are.
   We started by looking at the attractions of New Fantasyland, and today we're moving on to something a little more straightforward.  Food.
   For such a large expansion the food offerings are pretty we should be able to visit each offering individually.  Let's start in Storybook Circus....

   No. Big Top Souvenirs is not a restaurant by any stretch of the imagination...but it certainly does provide food.  Though mostly a large shop (in a repurposed building) Big Top Souvenirs has a confectionary show kitchen directly in the middle of the action.   Here you will find an uninspiring melange of sweets, the likes of which can be found throughout Walt Disney World.  However, the charming atmosphere of this shop more than make up for the lackluster offerings. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Animal Kingdom Artifact: Two Gowns From The Hallway...

   At the end of each hallway at Animal Kingdom Lodge is a beautiful piece of artwork.  A lot of times these are lesser pieces than those found in the main lobby...usually some kind of textile, or other 2D object behind glass, but beautiful none the less.  Here are two of my favorite pieces from the end of these terribly long hallways...two gorgeous intricate gowns.