Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Three More Donruss Disneyland Bubblegum Cards

   A few weeks ago my dad shared a few of his favorite 1965 Disneyland Donruss bubblegum cards… and people enjoyed them so much that over time I would love to share the whole series! There are 66 total cards, and of course my dad had to buy the whole set.
   The backs of the cards create a giant puzzle of Disney characters, and while I'm not including them in this post, I would like to see the whole puzzle put together one day.  Here are three more of these fabulous images…

Monday, April 21, 2014

Our Day On Castaway Cay

   Going into it we already knew the highlight of any Bahamian based Disney Cruise is a day spent at Castaway Cay.  But like most other aspects of cruising we had a hard time figuring out what to expect from Disney's private island.  Online resources do exist, including maps and general reviews of the island and its amenities, but its difficult to fully prepare for such a strange concept.
   We were expecting the ship to be fully docked when we woke up that morning. However, the ship was still in the slow process of docking as we ate breakfast at Cabanas.  This allowed us the fun opportunity to survey the island for a while, and (kind of) get our bearings.  After finishing breakfast we got ready to disembark the ship. While normally we like to be first in line for anything, we did actually take our time.  I didn't want to feel rushed on such a beautiful day on a serene island. You know?

   The dock area is full of photo opportunities, including Photopass photographers, and also includes the Bahamian post office, and boat rental area.  Because the dock is at the far end of the island Disney park style trams are provided…but if your up for a nice stroll I recommend walking.  The path is paved, and really gets you in the mood to explore the island. Plus, you get views like this…

   First on our agenda was picking up our bicycles, which we had reserved prior to our trip.  We somehow managed to be the first guests in this area of the island (I have really long legs…) and the Cast Member at the "bike shack" seemed genuinely surprised to see us there so early.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

BGM Of The Week: Tomorrowland

   Among the most amazing music loops found at Disney World is the one found in Tomorrowland.  Despite the land being a general disaster  the atmosphere is somewhat maintained at nighttime.  There is something very special about all the green and purple neon with this whimsical faux futuristic music playing.

Yes, I know this is from Disneyland…but I really like this picture. 

    Besides being stylistically amazing, this loop also contains melodies from some of Tomorrowland's classic tunes.  Keep your ears open for Now Is The Time, Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, Miracles From Molecules, and If You Had Wings.  Seriously a great loop to enjoy while being lazy around your house! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Art of Walt Disney Division Pages

   I was given a copy of The Art Of Walt Disney for my birthday this past year, but was unable to delve into it until recently.  Thank goodness I finally did!  The 1975 art book is full of amazing colorful stills, as well as concept art, layout pieces, and incredible photos from the early days of Walt Disney World!  
   The stylized graphic illustrations in the book are what caught my eye initially.  The simple layout of the cover (I assume there was a book cover at one point…) is just perfect.

   I'm very excited to get into this book, and eventually share some of the cool images with you!  But I was so compelled to share the section division pages that I couldn't wait any longer.  Check out that Mary Poppins. Could she be any more perfect?