Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Some Vines From Our May WDW Trip...Say Gouda!

   This past May we were too busy vacationing to focus on blog work. Don't get me wrong, I did take thousands of photos as usual, but we really didn't share as much as we normally would.  I'd like to rectify that now by sharing some fun Vine videos from the trip!  No, this isn't another super clip video of our ENTIRE VACATION TOLD THROUGH VINES, but its fun none the less.

Our first time meeting talking Mickey...Say "Gouda!"


Monday, July 28, 2014

Quick Overview of the Grand Floridian's Garden View Tea Room

   It makes me sad whenever one of my favorite restaurants is closed for any length of time, regardless of whether I'm at Walt Disney World or not!  Just think of all those sad tourists who don't have the chance to experience it...sad right?  The last time we mentioned The Garden View Tea Room was almost three years ago, and that post was even a throwback to earlier years. (check out how ridiculously young I look...)   But now that this restaurant is under a semi lengthy refurbishment it has been on my mind a lot.
   Because I know high tea can be intimidating to some (like me, for instance) I thought I'd share a very quick overview of the restaurant to alleviate any concerns.

   The tea room is located in the back of the Grand Floridian's enormous and breathtaking main lobby.  The room itself is small, but feels more airy considering the abundance of windows overlooking the gorgeous grounds of the Grand Floridian.  Though it may change during the refurbishment, I doubt the soft pastels, white trim, and girly awesomeness is going anywhere.  The room feels very old school in the most appropriate way ever. This place rarely feels stuffy...just fun.

   The menu here is very simple and pretty perfect.  Though you can get all items a la carte the tea packages are the way to go!  Each tea package is bundled with different accouterment that meets almost any taste.  With names like The Buckingham Palace (tea sandwiches, jam tart, strawberries and cream) and Princess Kate Tea (potted shrimp, cheese selection,  seasonal fruit, cheese biscuit, pastries and champagne) its also a lot of fun to pick which one suites you.  I always recommend one with champagne, obviously.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Shake To Randomize: Epcot's France

   Sorry about skipping last weeks Shake To Randomize.  We were having major computer problems which is pretty much the worst.   However, today we will continue our tour around World Showcase.    
   Do you know about the shake to randomize feature of the Hipstamatic camera filter app?  This nifty feature randomly selects combinations of lenses, films, and flashes...each with DOZENS in their respective categories.  Sometimes you get a great set, other times, well...not so much.  Lets head on over to the beautiful France pavilion and see what comes up.

   Looks like we struck gold with this filter combination.  Literally no film border present, although with this app that doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't change the look of the photos.  The lens casts a pretty strong beige/pink light over everything...which looks PHENOMENAL against France's green accents. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Things I Love: The Royal Majesty Makers

   Random roaming entertainment used to be rampant at Walt Disney World.  Each park had its share of music, characters, and sometimes bizarre streetmosphere.  For the most part these distractions have gone by the wayside, which stinks because they were a wonderful way to spend time between attractions.
   There are a few strongholds in the random happenings family that manage to survive, among my favorites are the Royal Majesty Makers.  If you're ever in the Magic Kingdom's  Fantasyland around rope drop time you are probably pretty familiar with these jokesters.

   These characters have pretty loose leash as far as interactions are concerned...and they usually cater their performance to the audience.  Though they would never be inappropriate, they can get a little, um...feisty.
   If you ever see them in line for Prince Charming Regal Carousel, do yourself the favor and jump in line immediately.  Play along with whatever title they might bestow upon you. My name was Sir Andrew De Tipplebottom.