Monday, May 18, 2015

Disney Hipsters Spend The Day At Gorgeous Paradise Pier...

   As you know, us Disney Hipsters have fallen madly in love with Disney California Adventure. I'm basically super obsessed with it, and can't even pinpoint why.  It is probably a mixture of all things DCA...including some of the maligned pre-billion dollar refurbishment.  One of my absolute favorite places in the entire world is Paradise Pier, and area that has existed since park opening, but has undergone a face lift all its own.
   On our recent Disneyland trip we spent a lot of time on said fact, I can think of nothing more lovely than drinking a beer and strolling along the boardwalk as people whiz by on California Screamin.  Here is a little video I made of an afternoon just like that...

   Cant you just smell the cheese on a stick now?  I can hardly believe that this area was once the disgrace it was.  The refurbishment has made it a lovely little slice of theme park goodness that fits right into the weird melange that is Disney California Adventure. 

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Characters, New Costumes, New Disney California Adventure...

   Its that time again.  After each Disney vacation I feel the need to share all the new characters...or old characters in new costumes...that we had the joy of meeting.  This trip was especially eventful, considering the giant changes to Disney California Adventure since our last visit west.  Lots of new meet and greet opportunities to be had, and we visited most of them. 

   Buena Vista Street is ripe with characters these days.  Oswald is available near the entrance of the park, and doesn't seem to warrant a long line.  We were lucky enough to meet him on our first day at the resort.  Super cute of course, but his velvet body gives me the willies.  
   Mickey Mouse's 1920's outfit is perfect, and I adore the oversized buttons and suspenders.  Mickey plays a big role on Buena Vista Street.  Not only does he meet here on and off all day, but he also stars in the newsboy show. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Its Monday, And I'm Not At Disneyland...

   Adam and I got back from Disneyland late on Saturday night.  I had work early the next morning, and hence didn't have much time to dwell on our trip and digest the fun we had just had.  However, today is Monday (aka: hairdresser weekend) and I have to face the fact that I'm home.  I'll be spending the day catching up on life, cleaning, and my mind will inevitably drift back to the happiest place on earth. 
   Thats the problem for us Disney park fans...the trip is usually only a small fraction of the total.  The months of planning and dreaming about your vacation will often times make the return home all the more depressing.  Before you know it you're forced back into the routine of daily know you're going back to Disney, but you're not quite ready to start planning. Although the Summer is tons of fun in the NYC area, it is also our "long" stretch between trips.  Its a bittersweet part of the year, no doubt.
   Before you know it, our excitement for WDW will return...along with the endless tweeting about our fall trip planning, and the vicious cycle will continue. For now though, enjoy a few of my favorite pictures from Disneyland...

We absolutely LOVE the Springtime roundup...

We only wish it was every day of the trip...

Got to visit Heimlich a dozen times...thats pure joy on my husband's face.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Hey, We're At Disneyland.

   After a long three year absence Adam and I are finally back at the Disneyland Resort.  Its funny all the things that can happen in three years.  Last time we were at Disney California Adventure there was no Buena Vista Street. No Cars Land.  Heck, there was no Disney Hipster Podcast to report about our trip!  Even this blog was only about 8 months old.  Anyway, this post is here basically to say: Yay.
   But it is also here as a stop gap until after we get back from our trip.  You see, I could prep this blog to auto publish pre-written blogs as I often do during Disney World trips.  But I thought I'd give myself a little break and leave the worry back on the east coast.  Because I know that a lot of you like to follow along on our trips I'll make sure to keep you up to date via social make sure you're following along on Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope. Yes, we will probably be Periscoping quite a bit.
   Lets hope that our trip is as perfect as this picture: