Friday, October 19, 2018

Ten Photos That Make Me Really Miss Our Cruise...

   Two weeks later and I'm still really missing our cruise on the Disney Magic.  Part of that comes from the fact that I cant stop looking at photos from the cruise. Golly it was a blast.
   Here are ten photos that make me really happy and sad at the same time...

Part of the reason why we loved this cruise so much was our first port, Quebec City. We spent a total of three
days here and are crazy in love with it.

Alfie is at peak hatred of fur characters. I just think this photo is funny. 

Going on to this cruise with a toddler made us pretty nervous. Unlike Alfie's last cruise
(on the Fantasy in January...) this time he was fully mobile and nuts. We were scared
there would be enough to hold his attention. However, our fears were quickly squashed. 

Witch Minnie, because Witch Minnie

The "big kid" areas of the ship had an open house hour every day of the cruise...
and that is something we relied on to break up our day. Alfie LOOOOVED Andy's room.

Despite the lack of Remy, we found the food on the Magic to be superior to that on the 
Dream and Fantasy. Churro waffles? ok. thanks. 

I just really like my baby. Here he is on deck. 

Pirate Minnie, because Pirate Minnie. (Alfie still scared...) 

Garrison Brewing was just outside of the port in Halifax. Great beer. Great view. 
Halifax is absolutely beautiful. 

This was taking on the last evening of the cruise. Any veteran Disney Cruiser will tell you that
the last night of the cruise is always weird. People scrambling to do things on their list...feeling sad and 
nostalgic. But also lucky, and hopeful. Its a weird feeling. Mostly I drink champagne and cry. 

   So yay.  We had one of the best vacations ever. The Magic is wonderful and a very special ship. We don't know if we're sold completely on cold weather cruises...but we would definitely consider this itinerary again. 

Monday, October 8, 2018

Video: Canadian Cruise On The Disney Magic

   Hey guys. Long time no blogging. Here is a quick video I threw together of our recent cruise on the Disney Magic from Quebec City to NYC. We spent seven nights falling in love with the Magic all over again. What a fabulous ship. 
   Anyway, this is mostly an excuse to show off how cute Alfie is. Enjoy. 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Alfie Gets His Hair Cut on Main Street USA

   We just got back from our Spring trip to Walt Disney World (Alfie's second, for those counting...) and we're definitely still in the digestion phase of our post Disney grief. In other words, we're sifting through memories, pictures, videos, and souvenirs.  
   One of the hardest decisions I had to make prior to this trip was whether or not Alfie would get his first hair cut at the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom. This seems like a no brainer given our love of Walt Disney World, and also our love of all things ridiculous. However, I myself am a hairdresser by trade. (the millions of dollars this blog generates isn't enough to support our lavish lifestyle.) Part of me thought it would be special to do his first haircut myself...I thought loooooong and hard about it, at one point even running a poll on Twitter. The 50/50 tie didn't help in my ultimate decision. :/ 
   Clearly we ended up going with the Harmony Barber Shop, or else this blog post wouldn't exist.  So lets talk about it...

   Quick note: Becoming a dad has made me a VERY bad and even more lazy while I have tons of pictures of my son galavanting around the parks, I don't have many "detail" shots that I used to prize myself on. In fact, I think I took a paltry 500 or so photos, all of which are of Alfie or drunk selfies.  All of this just to say, I have no actual pictures of the barber shop. 
   For those unfamiliar, the Harmony Barber Shop is located on the Town Square of Main Street USA, to the left as you enter the park. I had never even peeked inside prior to this visit, because its kind of tucked away and though I had a professional curiosity I just never got around to it.  The space itself is way smaller than I thought it would be, three working stations VERY close to each other. ( I work in an enormous salon with 35 stylists and full yeah, different.) The barber shop maintains the turn of the century theme of Main Street, costume and all! 
   We had a 10:40 appointment for Alfie, made a few weeks prior.  They do accept walk ups, but appointments are recommended.  Once we checked in we waited on a comfy bench until a barber was available, at which point our name was called.  
   We were placed with Diane who was an absolute dream.  She clearly knew about parent anxiety when it comes to the first haircut, and made us very comfortable. She was also well versed in baby distraction.  During our consultations, very nonchalantly, she pulled out half a dozen Mickey stickers and stuck them all over Alfie. This was enough to keep him busy for the five minutes his cut took. (I was very clear we just wanted his baby mullet cut off, since were growing the rest out...) She did a wonderful job, and I would be happy for her to cut his hair again. 

   In addition to a regular kids haircut/adults haircut ($19!!!!!!!! What!?!?!) there is a baby's first haircut special.  Included with this is the cut (duh), a pair of "first haircut" Mickey ears, a sachet with some of those precious baby locks, and a certificate. A total steal at $25...

(there is hair in there somewhere...)

even the receipt is a souvenir!

   Our experience at the Harmony Barber Shop couldn't have been better.  The atmosphere is so charming and intimate. The barbers are professional, but also silly and know how to deal with small kids.  At this price, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a unique vacation memory.  In fact, I plan on getting my hair cut here on our next visit. :) 

Monday, May 14, 2018

We Went To Walt Disney World...

   Guys we went to Walt Disney World again, yada yada yada. Alfie is adorable...blah blah blah. Animal Kingdom Lodge is the greatest, etc...