Thursday, February 4, 2016

Finding Nemo Mosaics In Cabanas On The Disney Fantasy

   The very first (real) blog post after a vacation is always the hardest to instigate.  Out of all of the 1,500 photos and videos which beg to be posted first?!?! What seems the most important of all?!?  Well friends, the answer was given shortly after snapping the below photo. 

   Getting Adam to pose for a photo is like pulling when he VOLUNTEERED to pose next to the Cabanas mosaic, I knew he was on to something.  I think he felt compelled by the flat-fish guy...they do have a striking resemblance 

   Cabannas, the buffet on The Disney Fantasy, has a vague Finding Nemo theme to it.  This includes a rather impressive mosaic on either side, near the elevators.  This terrific piece of craftsmanship includes all of your favorite characters, and delivers a bright punch of color to the utilitarian space.  Mind you that this is all you need, considering your view is a near panorama of the ocean. Yeah, its pretty awesome. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Tuesday Not On The Disney Fantasy...Or At Walt Disney World

   Well, that was a vacation.  We did go on vacation right? Yes...yes...we definitely did.  Its just hard to remember through the haze, hustle, and confusion brought on by the last week and a half.  This trip started out very weird, as the giant snowstorm in the northeast caused us to alter our travel plans...forcing us to DRIVE TO FLORIDA LAST MINUTE.  I wouldn't say it was fun, at all, but it wasn't as bad as we would have expected. (AND I actually drove half the way.  Surprising, right?)
   While I'm not ready to blog about anything specific, I did want to say that we had an absolutely wonderful time on board the Disney Fantasy.  It was seriously the most relaxing vacation I've even experienced, full of fun, sun, and lots of food.  We were also lucky enough to take a very short mini trip to WDW afterward.  All of this amounted to plenty of stuff for me to write about in the coming weeks, and I'm looking forward to doing so.  
   In the mean time enjoy this photo of me and Adam with fancy Goofy.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Photos From Around World Showcase: China

   Sooooo...I'm so excited about our cruise (which embarks on Saturday...) that I basically forgot that I write a blog. And frankly I don't care that much right now...because of the aforementioned cruise.  So I'm being ridiculously lazy these days.  But before the cruise, lets go to jolly old England China!  The next stop on our trip around World Showcase has grown to be one of my favorites, and very photogenic indeed!

   Here I "shook" a filter combination that dulls down the vibrant colors of the pavilion, and adds a strong tilt shift effect around the edges.  I think it really suits the pavilion. 

   There is plenty to photography here, including the two icons flanking the area.  However, I think the more subdued buildings and surrounding landscape make for even better photo opportunities.

   Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to dream about our cruise again.  Please forgive the lazy and inconsistent blogging, as if you would expect anything else from Disney Hipster Blog.  

Monday, January 18, 2016

Let's Explore Zuri's Sweets Shop

   It has been a few months now since Harambe Week here on Disney Hipster Blog...and this makes me very sad.  What a fun week that was, and let me relive all the fun I had in Harambe this past year. One part of Harambe got very little attention here, and its a shame because Zuri's Sweets Shop is actually one of my favorite new additions.

   Prior to its opening this past spring Zuri's was the most perplexing to me.  We knew that it was connected to Mombasa Marketplace but it wasn't clear how, or in what capacity.  Turns out it was as simple as expanding the building a little bit, and blowing out a back wall.  Hence, you can enter the shop via "old Harambe" or Harambe Market. 

   The interior space is pretty small, but because of the open wall connecting Mombasa it never feels claustrophobic.  If Disney does ANYTHING right with shopping, its crowd flow.  If you're familiar with Animal Kingdom, or Harambe specifically, the decor will not surprise you.  The shop is relatively dim, with plenty of earth tones, and warm wood accents.  There isn't too much in the way of theming, and when there is theming its in the "stuff on shelves" model, which I am fine with.  When sweets are your main attraction, I don't need heavy theming.