Monday, December 5, 2016

Vegetarian Dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table

   Another Disney trip, another swath of restaurants to knock off of our list...but this time we booked the white whale of reservations: Cinderella's Royal Table. 
   Most consider this reservation the hardest to get in all of Walt Disney World, so when Adam told me he finally got one for our trip in October I was initially elated. However, as the thought of eating here gestated in my head a bit I became a little worried. I mean, the food is notoriously bad, and I figured it must be even worse for vegetarians.  Well, lets see...

   The day of the reservation came, and I don't know why, but I was actually nervous about eating here...because, well, it's in Cinderella Castle.  We aren't fans of the castle aesthetically, but its still pretty magical. 

   The inside of the restaurant/foyer area is a lot prettier than I was expecting.  It's over the top in all the right ways! 

   Before heading upstairs to the dining room you are queued up to take a photo with the restaurant's namesake. We felt very rushed at this point, but the photopass photographer was happy to use our phone as well as their own camera. 

   As a solo couple we managed to snag THE ULTIMATE VIEW of Fantasyland. We didn't request this seat, we were just lucky. There is only one table with a view this good.  Seriously magical. 

   The pace of your meal is very fast.  Cinderella don't play no games...homegirl wants you fed ASAP.  Be expected to order within a few minutes of sitting down.  The menu is prefix, with only one veggie option for entree, and a modified first course. 

   See the picture above?  This is the cheese plate appetizer, which usually has meat on it.  Apparently when you say you don't eat meat they take pity on you by doubling down on the dairy.  I mean, WHO IN THE WORLD CAN EAT THIS MUCH???  As far as Disney cheese plates go, this was pretty vile.  The accompaniments were assorted olives, pickled onions, fig paste and giant bread slices.  Notice the cheddar cheese cubes. This is not a Jiko cheese plate. :/ 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Maharajah Water Fountains Of Love...

   When I started writing Disney Hipster Blog in 2011 (???) I wanted the focus to be on documenting the little details of Walt Disney World.  Not hidden details really, but maybe stuff that isn't as appreciated as it should be.  I stuck with that model for a while, which is why the fact that I never featured this water fountain.

   Located after the first tiger viewing area on the Maharajah Jungle Trek, these are my favorite water fountains in the world.  The above picture fits EVERYTHING that I love about Disney's Animal Kingdom in one photo.
   Crumbling rock work? Check. Exposed brick? Check. Prayer flags? Check. An abundance of whimsy that lets your mind write the story? Double check.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Some Fun Details in the Vehicle Maintenance Room In Restaurantosaurus

   Restaurantosaurus is the Pecos Bill's of Disney's Animal Kingdom.  It's enormous and meant to get people fed quickly.  And much like Pecos, we feel it necessary to visit this quick service restaurant every single visit to Walt Disney World.  It's very weird and feeds into the crazy habits that we form, but whatever, we still go.  Something about the charming space and even more charming background music loop (and amazing toppings bar...) keeps us coming back.
   If you're familiar with the space, you know that Restaurantosaurus is divided into several distinctly themed rooms, the back story of which is rich and convoluted. Each room has an abundance of dinosaur theming.

    On this particular visit we sat in the "Vehicle Maintenance" room, which is actually the most boring of the rooms, but has its fair share of whimsy. You just have to look close enough.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Splash Mountain Restroom Signage

   Every once in a while, walking through a Disney theme park in the middle of a proper rope drop, I yell "WAIT!!!! I need to take some pictures!"  Adam (or whoever I'm with...) will inevitably be frustrated. However, if the subject matter is UNDENIABLY adorable, I am always forgiven.
   This is the case for the restroom signs near Splash Mountain. It seems unlikely that I would have gone very long without noticing these adorable signs. This lead me to believe that they're pretty new, but I haven't been able to confirm this.  If I'm not mistaken the old signs were silhouettes.  Can anyone please confirm that these are new signs?  Thanks...

   Aren't these so great!?  The standard restroom sign figures act as paper dolls.  Why this fits so well in the area around Splash Mountain, I don't know. It just does.

   It's not just the figures that are themed though.  The placards that they're on are beat up and textured, and the bolts are "rusty."

   I saved the companion restroom for last because, well...look at it.  That is the single cutest sign in the Magic Kingdom. Hands. Down.  I'm so glad that these signs exist. They're just another layer in the growing field of awesome restroom signs at Disney World. 

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