Monday, October 5, 2015

Things I Love: Character Training At Epcot...

   Hey guess what? I love Disney World. However, there are certain things within Disney World that make me particularly, even more happy than I already am.  Count among these things: Rose the Bartender, Tipsy Ducks In Love, the Tiki Room lanai, and getting stuck on the TTA inside Space Mountain.  But there is something even more special than all these things...a good group of random Disney characters meeting in Epcot for my full enjoyment.
   If you happen upon random characters in Epcot (usually in front of the oft closed World Showplace building, or next to the American Adventure.) you have probably stumbled upon a character training group.  These unadvertised meet and greet opportunities are a great chance to meet several characters with little or no wait at all.  IF YOU SEE THEM DO NOT JUST CASUALLY WALK PAST!!!! Join in the fun.
   On a recent visit to Epcot we stumbled upon one such situation.  Yes, I was a giddy schoolgirl. Yes, I might have been jumping up and down with excitement. Yes, I was taking selfies with characters like a total tool.

Max Goof was probably the only rare-ish character this time. TBD. 

I love classic sailor Donald!!! 

King Louis is always an awkward meet and greet...I always try and shake his 
hand with those crazy long arms. 

What is the height requirement for Baloo?  

   At this particular meet up there was also Mickey Mouse, who we ignored on accident. We wanted to focus on characters we hadn't seen in a while, and Mickey always tends to be the priority, obviously.  Its random things like this that make me smile, and get me through the long gaps between visits to WDW. :/ 

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Those First Couple Hours at Disney World...

   I'm sitting on the sofa in mine and Adam's relatively new house.  My post Disney depression has started to wane with the excitement of the holiday season sloooooowly taking its place.  I feel the need to examine our vacation photos as I sit here, and it seems like such a long time ago even though we've only been home just over a week.  Part of the fun of writing this blog is being able to relive my experiences in blog form, and in doing so having a sort of virtual scrapbook highlighting all of our trips.
   One of the reoccurring tropes in my photos happen upon first arriving at Walt Disney World, and shortly after checking into the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  The excitement of the trip is at its peak, and I can't help but take silly photos, regardless of how late at night it is.  In fact, these are the first seven (of over 2,000) photos that I took on our recent trip...

   Something that you may not realize about me: I aim to please.  When I go to Walt Disney World I know that a lot of listeners are living vicariously through my trip (as I do with other folks trips too...) and therefore I like to START OFF STRONG.  
   The first thing I do is go take a selfie with my favorite bartender in the world, Rose.  This is literally the first photo of the trip, and truly a magical moment. 

   Whats that? Another Rose?  This of course is Rose, my favorite cashier at The Mara.  She is always ready with a good story.  Unfortunately for us she is retiring in January.  Thanks for working so hard and making us smile. Congrats Rose! 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Random Epcot Food Roundup...

   Often times while at Walt Disney World we visit restaurants with the explicit intention of reviewing it on this blog.  This involves taking pictures of both the food and restaurant...while making a few notes via my iPhone so that I don't forget the details.  On this trip, for instance, we visited The Plaza, Kona Cafe, 1900 Park Fare, and La Hacienda with these intentions.   However, just as often, we randomly grab bites to eat around the parks because...well...because we're hungry.
   Its these instances that I don't tend to grab great photos or take notes. A big reason for this is because its hard to write an entire blog post about a single snack.   So dear readers, here is a roundup of some random things I ate at Epcot over the course of our trip...

   The above picture shows a stupid berry meringue thing.  I can tell you a few things about it.  One) It doesn't taste like school bread.  Two) It doesn't look like a school bread. Three) This damn thing doesn't make my heart smile like school bread.   
   Why did I go to Kringla and NOT GET A SCHOOL BREAD? Like, what is wrong with me?  This has made me devolve into an even more lazy affected blogger.  Emoticon.  Emoticon.  Emoticon. 

   These dear readers are tabouli pinwheels.  They can be found at Sunshine Seasons in The Land pavilion.  This counter service restaurant has always had a great reputation for a high quality and diverse menu.  However, you must STAY AWAY FROM THESE PINWHEELS.  
   These were the single most vile things I've ever eaten at Walt Disney World...and that includes the veggie sandwich at Cosmic Rays.   I like the idea of these pinwheels a lot, but something about them was off.  In turn, I had a tummy ache for a few hours after eating them, and have heard similar complaints from people suffering the same fate.  Yuck. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Thursday Not At Disney World...

   We're back from our annual Summer/Fall trip to Walt Disney World.  Yes, we're sad to back in New Jersey for sure, but also happy in a weird way to be back to our regular routine.  We had tons of fun exploring the parks and resorts as usual, and also had a lot of new experiences!  Rest assured that we have documented a lot of our trip and can't wait to share some of them with you via THIS VERY BLOG!!! :)
   Thank you so much to everyone who went out of their way to say "hi" to us in the park, take selfies, and show us some love!  You guys are the best, and prove that the Disney Hipster Melange are the best of the best in the Disney community.   Here are a few of my favorite moments from the PICTURE FORM BECAUSE I'M LAZY.

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